Actions and Consequences


Actions and Consequences




It took them another hour before they reached home.  Having to stop every five minutes for Leo had taken up most of the time. 


“We are so dead.”  Michaelangelo whispered as they sneaked through the door.

“Shhh!”  Raphael hissed as he helped Donatello guide Leo through.  “You want to have to explain to Sensei what we’ve been up to?”


“Please do Raphael.” A lamp turned on and flooded the room with its light, sat in his chair was Splinter.  He looked to each of his sons and shook his head, he thought the terrible two’s had been bad enough.  After an agonising silence Splinter finally spoke.  “Please take Leonardo to his room.  I will speak to the rest of you afterwards.”  Michaelangelo and Raphael directed Leo towards the bedrooms, Donatello turned to follow and just as he did his forgotten prize fell to the floor.  Donatello quickly snatched it back up.  “Urm, I can explain.”  He mumbled, flushing a darker color.

“Indeed.”  Splinter replied arching and eyebrow.


Michaelangelo helped Leo sit down; Raphael placed a small trashcan beside the bed.  “What’s that for?”  Leo asked looking up.

“Trust me you’ll need it.”  Raphael smirked.  All in all it hadn’t been a bad night.


Michaelangelo, Donatello and Raphael stood by the entrance to the living room, each preparing for what lay ahead.

“Okay, what ever happens, we use our right to remain silent.  Got it?”  Raphael turned to his brothers.  Michaelangelo and Donatello nodded, taking a deep breath they walked in and stood before Splinter, their heads held low.  Splinter leaned forward on his walking stick.  “I am very disappointed in all of you.”  No one looked up.  “Is anyone going to enlighten me on the events of this evening?”  Splinter sat back after a few moments with no answer.  A thoughtful look crossed his face.  “Well if no one will tell me then I have no choice but to severely punish you.”  Michaelangelo looked up at his Sensei.  “It all started when we got banned from the theater, then we scared the girls, then the dares and when the cops showed up.”  Tumbled out of his mouth.  Just the reaction Splinter had been hoping for.

“Banned, scaring girls, dares, the police?”  Splinter questioned his eyes widening not sure he really wanted to know.

“Jeez Mikey.”  Raphael rolled his eyes.  “Ever stop to think and forget to start again?”  Michaelangelo gave Raphael a hard shove.

“Enough!”  Splinter raised his hand.  Michaelangelo, please go and stand by Donatello.”  Splinter closed his eyes and took a long deep breath.  “You seem to find great delight in playing off each others egos.”

“But Leo and Raph and then.”  Michaelangelo interrupted, a stern glare soon stopped him in his tracks.

“Each of you had ample opportunity to stop the unfolding events before anything got out of hand.  Disappointingly none of you did.”


The three turtles stood silent, looking at the floor.  “You will all be restricted to the lair for as long as I see fit.  As well as extra practice and duties there will be no television, video games, computers or even phone calls.”  Splinter watched as each turtle sunk lower as each condition was mentioned.  “You will each use this time for quiet contemplation on your actions and their consequences of this evening. Donatello, in the morning you will return the item of clothing to its rightful owner and apologize.”  Dontello’s shocked look was quite amusing.

“What about Leo, doesn’t he get punished?”  Raphael enquired

“I believe the next few hours should be punishment enough.  But do not worry Raphael, the same conditions apply to your brother.”  Splinter raised his hand.  “You are dismissed.  Now get some rest,     practice starts early in the morning.”  Splinter watched as they groaned and walked off to their rooms, he sat back; a small smile crept across his face.  Splinter wondered if humans had the same troubles with their teenagers.


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