Chapter eight

Chapter eight



Donatello and Michaelangelo entered the lair, debating which was best, Star Trek Generations or Voyager.  “Face it Donny, you have a thing about 7of 9.”  Michaelangelo accused.  “It’s all those electrical parts that get you going!”

“Need I say Counsellor Troi!”  Donatello grinned.


As they came upon the gathering in the hall outside the bedrooms they looked at each other.  “What’s happening?” they said at the same time.

“Miss Ryan is staying with us for a while.”  Splinter explained he turned to Carrie again.  “You have the freedom of our home, someone will be with you at all times.”  Carrie’s mind started to work overtime.  She wasn’t overjoyed at the idea of spending what could be the rest of her life down here.  “Leonardo.”  Leo turned to face his master.  “Miss Ryan will sleep in your room.  You will take the couch.”  Leo was less than happy with this idea.  He found it hard enough to get comfortable in his own bed, sleeping on the couch would be torture.  How much more annoying could this woman get?  Still Leo agreed, he respectfully bowed to Splinter and made his way to his room.  “Raphael, you will take first watch tonight.”  Raphael’s reaction was different to his brother’s. 

“Why of all the lousy!”  He ranted as he walked off.

April stood in front of Splinter; she crouched down and placed her hands on his.  “Splinter, I am so sorry.”

“It is not your fault, child.”

“But, Raphael!”

“He will calm down given time.”

April sighed as she stood up.  “I have to get back to work, but I will call in as soon as I can.”  April gave Carrie her best ‘drop dead’ stare as she left.


Carrie felt nervous standing in the room with three pairs of eyes on her.  “Please, make yourself comfortable.”  Splinter motioned towards the living room with his hand.  “Michaelangelo, please make us some tea.”  Michaelangelo ran off towards the kitchen as Donatello helped Splinter follow Carrie in to the living room.  Carrie gingerly sat down on the edge of an old armchair.  After a few minutes of torturous silence Michaelangelo walked in carrying a tray with two cups of tea, milk, sugar and a plate of cookies on it.  He set the tray down on the coffee table and stepped back.  “Guests first.”  Splinter offered.  Carrie bent forward and took a cup, not wanting to offend.  Splinter took the other cup; he sat back, lifted it to his lips and took a sip.  Carrie watched, after a while she convinced herself that the tea wasn’t poison.  She sniffed it just to make sure than took a mouthful.  The warm liquid calmed her nerves a little.  Donatello sat down on the recliner; he would stay with Splinter in case any trouble started.  Splinter looked at Michaelangelo, he had that look on his face he gets every Christmas.  “Michaelangelo, leave us.”  He instructed.

“Oh, but!”  Michaelangelo argued.

“Leave!”  Splinter re-instructed a little louder. 

“I can’t believe it, every time I have to!” he pouted as he left.  Carrie let a smile escape.

“So, Miss Ryan.  What brings you to the New York sewer system?”  Donatello asked taking a cookie.  Carrie stared into her tea not knowing what to say.


When night fell, Carrie was felling a little less afraid.  If they were going to hurt her they would have by now.  She watched, as the turtles got ready for bed.  There was general banter as they went their separate ways.  Leo had grabbed a blanket and was settling himself down for a night on the couch.  Michaelangelo had coco in one had and a large panda bear under his arm.  Donatello was looking though boxes for something.  Carrie made her way to Leo’s room; she sat down on the bed and looked around.  Looks normal enough.  She watched as Raphael dragged a kitchen chair across the floor, making as much noise as he could.  He set it in front of Leo’s room and sat down.  Donatello threw a Gameboy to Raphael on his way past.  Tonight is going to be a long one, Carrie thought as she lay down on the bed.


Carrie woke up to voices, she couldn’t remember falling asleep.  She rolled over and watched as Raphael and Leonardo changed places.  She moved onto her back and allowed sleep to wash over her again.  When she woke again the chair outside the room had gone.  Carrie shivered, it was really cold in the room so she wrapped her self in the blanket and got out of bed.  She could hear voices and smell cooking coming from the kitchen.  She made her way towards the inviting smell.  At the large round table sat three of the turtles, once they noticed her the conversation stopped.  Carrie sat down in an empty seat, the conversation started up again.

“So, was the movie worth it in the end?”  Leo asked.

“I’ll say!”  Beamed Michaelangelo.  “The special effects were great!  The Mummy Returns gets a thumbs up!”

“It was totally inaccurate!”  Donatello broke in while taking mouthfuls of his cereal.  “Sai were never used as weapons in Ancient Egypt.”

  I didn’t hear you complaining when those scantily clad women were fighting it out!”  Michaelangelo smiled.  Carrie felt someone standing behind her.  “Ut oh, Oscar the grouch is out of his trash can!”  Michaelangelo said as her looked behind Carrie.  She turned to see Raphael standing there.

“My seat!”  He growled.  Carrie quickly moved to another one.  Michaelangelo set down two cups of coffee, one in front of Carrie and the other in front of Raphael.  Raphael took a small hip flask from out of a pocket on his belt.  He unscrewed the top and held it over his coffee.

“You can’t put that in your coffee!”  Leo’s tone made it sound like an order.

“Watch me!”  Raphael hissed as he tipped the whole flask full into his cup.

“Breakfast?”  Michaelangelo said in Carries direction.

“I’m not hungry.  Thank you.”  She lied.

“You have to eat something.  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!”  Donatello rattled off.  His brothers glared at him.  “Shutting up!”  He said holding his hands up.  Carrie watched silently as the banter started up again.  She noticed the bandages covering Leo’s arm and legs.  She felt and wave of guilt hit her as she sipped her coffee.


Carrie sat at the table taking in the scene before her.  Breakfast was finished; Michaelangelo had washed up and was now watching cartoons in the living room.  Raphael had left the lair long ago.  Donatello was fixing something on the table and Leo had left for the training area Carrie had happened upon earlier.  Carrie rose from her chair; wrapping the blanket tighter around herself she made her way to the living room.  She sat down on the old armchair and looked at Michaelangelo.  It looked as if someone had frozen him with a ray gun or something.  He was sat cross-legged on the floor, barely a foot away from the screen.  His left arm was poised out in front, the remote held in his hand with his thumb hovering above the buttons.  His face had a gapping expression, his eyes wide and mouth hanging slightly open. Carrie watched as a smile played across his face every so often.  The next thing Carrie remembered was waking up in the armchair.  She sat up, feeling a little disorientated she looked around.  How long had she been asleep?  Michaelangelo had moved position; he was now upside down in the recliner, trying to catch popcorn in his open mouth.  From the mess on the floor Carrie could tell he was being far from successful.  His eyes were still trained on the television, which was now showing the PowerPuff Girls.  Donatello had finished with what ever he was fixing and had now moved onto reading the paper.  April was sitting across the table from him, cup of coffee in one hand and a magazine in the other.  Carrie stood up and wobbled a bit.  She walked out of the living room towards the training area.  She snuck a quick peek inside.


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