Chapter eleven

Chapter eleven



“What have I got here then?”  Said the thug lifting Carrie up by the arm.

“Let me go or I’ll scream!”  Carrie shouted as she smacked the man’s beer gut with her fist.  The thug threw Carrie to the back of the trash-strewn alley.  “Wrong answer sweets!”  He Sneered.  Carrie landed in a heap on the wet floor.  The gang moved nearer. 

“Shall we have some fun guys?”  Said the largest gang member.  “Where did you come from Honey?  All alone?”  Carrie cowered.  What were they going to do to her?  What ever it was Carrie hoped it would be quick.  She closed her eyes and prayed.

“She’s with me!”  Came a voice.  Carrie looked up to see a figure standing at the entrance to the alley.  The large gang member stepped forward. 

“I’ll take care of him!”  He gloated.  “You guys keep hold of the girl.”  A small flick knife flashed in the light.  Carrie watched as despite his bulk the large man rushed the figure.


Leonardo stood motionless until his attacker was nearly upon him.  Just as the man was about to strike with the knife, Leo stepped back grabbing the man’s arm, twisting sharply.  Carrie fought a wave of nausea as she heard the bone snap.  The man entered into a graceless roll and landed, groaning in a pile of garbage bags.  Leo hoped that this display of strength would get his point across.  He was wrong.  A second thug charged, wielding an army combat knife.  Again Leo stepped back, bringing up his left arm he blocked the attack. Grabbing the knife he delivered a punch to thugs face with his right fist.  The thug staggered backwards, hitting the ground hard.  One of the two remaining men pulled a gun, before the man had time to line up the sights the gun was knocked from his hand by the army combat knife.  Both men looked at each other and then charged Leo at the same time.  He allowed them to bowl him over, grabbing their coat collars he pulled his legs up underneath the two men and kicked them over his shoulders.  He rolled slightly onto his right side and watched the two men fall over themselves in an attempt to run away.  He smiled, that was easy.


Just then Leo heard a sound he didn’t like.  He rolled onto his back and found himself staring down the barrel of a 9 mm.  The largest thug was stood over Leo, using his broken arm to prop up the gun.  Damn, Leo cursed himself, he should have made sure the man was disabled.  “See you in hell!”  The thug growled as he took aim.  Leo was fast, but there was no way he could dodge a bullet.  This wasn’t how he wanted to go, old age would be nice.  Leo closed his eyes and tensed up.  BANG.  He heard the gun discharge.


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