Chapter three

Chapter three


The wallet wasn’t any different on the inside.  There wasn’t an ID card or a driver’s license.  There were a few scraps of paper, about $25 and a set of keys.  Carrie unfolded each paper in turn, every single one had been folded evenly and with great care taken to ensure the fold lines were straight.  A few of the scrapes had names and numbers on them, one had a list that looked like it was written in Japanese.  The last one had the name and address of one woman.  I wonder? Carrie thought, well who ever this O’Neil woman is, she had to be asleep this time of night.  Carrie stifled a yawn.  “I’ll go in the morning.”


It took what seemed like forever for Leo to reach the other side of the park.  By now shock had set in and was starting to cloud his mind.  He stood at the edge of the park, just by the main entrance.  He was slowly losing control of his body.  When had he started shaking?  Why was he so cold?  Leonardo’s hands and feet had gone numb and he had great difficulty getting them to follow instructions.  He sighed, his chest complained painfully.  To get to April’s apartment he had to cross another road.  This wasn’t something he wanted to do right now.  This time he made sure he looked both ways.  Clear!  He bolted across the road as best he could; it felt like he was running through water.  He faltered the last few blocks and stopped to rest in a dark alley between two apartment complexes.  He must have looked like a drugged up lunatic staggering down the street.  April lived in the left apartment complex.  Leo reached into his badly blood stained and torn coat pocket.  “Damn!”  He hissed.  His wallet had gone.  I must have lost it in the collision.  So much for vanishing without a trace!  His mind started to wonder, he remembered back to the time April had given him the wallet.  She had given each of the brothers a leather wallet for their birthdays, including a spare key to her apartment in case of an emergency.  Leo sighed, if he was going to get in, it was going the old fashioned way.  


A dark figure watched Leonardo from the opposite alley. “Ha!”  Raphael snorted.  He hadn’t expected anything less from his stubborn brother.  He grew tired of this ‘game’; he knew Leo was safe now.  Raphael walked to the nearest manhole and slipped in.  Everything was dark and quiet when he reached home.  Great they’re all asleep.  Raphael crept in and headed towards his room.  He could see soft candlelight spilling from Splinter’s room.   Maybe if I’m real quiet.  He thought as he sneaked past.


“Raphael.”  Raphael’s heart sank at the sound of his master’s voice.  He stopped in mid sneak.

“Yes Master?”  He said as he turned to see the old rat sitting in his rocker.  Splinter looked at his son with his dark eyes, his old hands were resting on his walking stick that he was using to prop himself up.  After a moment Splinter spoke.

“Where is Leonardo?”

“I don’t know Master.”  Raphael lied.  “I haven’t seen him all evening.”

Splinters face crumpled in to a looked that was a cross between anger and worry.  This wasn’t like Leonardo to stay out so late.  Something must have happened.  But, he is trained well.  I must have faith in him.  Splinter waved his hand to dismiss his son.  Raphael turned towards his room.  “Get out of that oh faultless one!”  He muttered under his breath.


Leonardo attempted to climb the fire escape to reach April’s kitchen window.  It was tough going with an arm that was near useless.  He gritted his teeth as he swung his leg up, a grinding pain shot through his hip.  After several attempts he managed to haul his body up.  Finally he reached his goal.  He sat back and tried to catch his breath, his lungs felt like lead balloons filled with hot heavy air.  Leo peered through the window; the apartment was dark.  Please lord let her be in!  He tapped on the window.  Nothing.  He tapped again this time louder.  A light sprang into life and April emerged from her bedroom, not looking her best.  Her hair was a tangled mess and her eyes were sunken and surrounded by dark circles.  April moved in to the kitchen, tying up her dressing gown as she went.  Leo tapped again.  April turned towards the window and smiled.


Strange?  She thought, none of the guys had used the ‘window entrance’ in years.  Mind you Leo’s always on the look out for an excuse to work out.  April walked over and Leo motioned for her to open the window.


“Normal people sleep at night.”  She informed him as she pulled up the window.  Leonardo entered with great difficulty.  “Oh my god, what happened to you?” April gasped trying not to sound too shocked.

“Raphael” Leo murmured

“Raphael did this?” April asked in disbelief.

“No, no I was following him to … find out what he was up to”  Leo took a painful breath.  “I was hit by a car.”

“We should get you to a hospital.” April exclaimed without thinking, in all the years she had known Leo and his family she had come to think of them as ‘normal’ people.  Leo gave her a confused stare “Oh I mean….wait here I’ll get the first aid kit.”  Being friends with four ninja turtles, April had always found the need for a first aid kit.


Leo tried to remove his coat, but it was stuck to him in places by dried blood.  He winced as he pulled the coat off his wounds.  The coat had acted like a bandage and now his wounds had reopened.  Leo watched as pools of new blood formed.  April rushed in carrying several boxes and a large bottle of Iodine.  Leo groaned, through his life he had come to dislike Iodine.

“Sit down.” April ordered.  Great thought Leo she’s going into full mother mode.  April reached into one of the boxes and pulled out what looked like a face cloth.  Leo eyes widened as she poured a lot of Iodine onto it.  She took hold of Leo’s right arm and placed the cloth over an area that looked like the skin had been torn from it.

“Aaaagghh” Leo yelled and shoved April.  “That hurt!”  He protested.

“Well if you hold still it won’t hurt as much.” April shot back.

“Sorry.” Leo mumbled.

“Now this will sting a little” April said as she griped his arm, Leo looked away and grimaced.  “Why can’t you pair stay out of trouble?” She asked as she finished dressing his wounds.

“That selfish git makes me so angry I could kill him.”  Leo growled.

“Well at least you have something in common.” April smirked.  Leo shot her a look that alone could kill from 50 yards. “Urm.”  She coughed as she handed Leo a glass.  “It’s bandy, good for shock.”  Leo eyed it for a while before downing it.  The brandy burned all the way down.  He pulled a face, he never could get used to alcohol, unlike Raphael.  By the way his brother acted sometimes Leo was sure Raphael had it coursing through his veins.  Still the brandy did warm him up a bit.


April reappeared in the room; Leo hadn’t even noticed her leave.  “I’ve set up a bed in the spare room for you to rest on.”  April sighed.  “Just try not to bleed or die all over my good sheets.”

“Thanks.”  Leo said, painfully making his way to the spare room.

April sighed as she picked up the blood-covered coat and threw it in the trash.  One thing was for sure knowing the guys, life was never dull.


Leo eased himself onto the travel bed and lay on his relatively uninjured side.  His thoughts turned to the driver.  What a shock she must have received!  She was probably sectioned by now, rambling on about large creatures stalking the streets of New York and jumping out in front of cars.  He sighed as the sleep he had been fighting for hours finally took hold of him.


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