Michaelangelo scuttled towards his room still brandishing the paintball gun, Donatello leaned out of his bedroom doorway to see what the all commotion was about.  Michaelangelo raced past discharging a few rounds in Donatello’s direction, all but one missed their target.  Just before Michaelangelo could make it to the safety of his room a rather irate Raphael brought him down.  With a quick twist and a well-placed knee, Michaelangelo managed to scramble free.  He didn’t get very far before the next wave of the attack happened. 


Leo grabbed onto the struggling turtle, forcing him down using all his weight.

“Getoffme!”  A muffled cry came.  Raphael joined Leo in restraining their brother; they managed to turn him over so that he faced them.  Donatello walked over, slightly splattered in day glow pink paint, he handed Raphael something long and black.  Michaelangelo could quite make out what it was until Raphael brought it nearer.  Raphael pulled the top off the permanent marker with his teeth, this renewed Michaelangelo’s motivation to get loose.  But struggle as me may, it was no use, Raphael leaned in closer, Mikey emitted a deep growl not unlike an angry cat.


April turned the page on her magazine; it was then that she heard it.  Shouting in Japanese?  It could only mean one thing, impending doom.  She quickly made her way to the bedrooms.  Out in the large hall she came across an entanglement, walking over she heaved Raphael off.  Leo got up and allowed Michaelangelo to get to his feet.

“What is going on here?”  She demanded, looking at the divided brothers, Don, Leo and Raph on one side, with Michaelangelo glaring at them from the other.  April bit back a smile as she noticed the word LOSER scrawled across Mikey’s forehead.  Michaelangelo scrubbed at his forehead with the base of his palm.

“Aww, you’ve smudged it now.”  Raphael sniggered.

“Can you get along for one day?”  April asked relieving Raphael of the marker.

“He started it!”  Michaelangelo pointed an accusing finger at Raphael.

“I did not!”

“You did!”

“Never argue with an idiot, he’ll drag you down to his level, then beat you with experience!”  Raphael shot.  Michaelangelo’s eyes narrowed as he mouthed something to his brother.

“Enough fighting!”  April threw her arms up in exasperation. “Go and get cleaned up and then into the living room, where I can keep an eye on you!”