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Raphael was sat in the living room, surfing the channels when Michaelangelo burst through the door.


Whatcha got there?”  Raphael asked.

Michaelangelo pulled a large round object from under his coat.  “This.”  He announced.

“A guava melon?”

“Yeah, I found it in a dumpster.  Who would throw away a perfect melon?”

“Mike are you nuts?  That thing is rotten and it stinks!”  Raphael said screwing up his face.

“I know, great isn’t it?”

Raphael raised an eyeridge.

“Things to do with a rotten melon.”  Michaelangelo continued.  “I could keep it under my bed for a few days.”

“Not when my room’s next to yours you don’t!”

“Hey Raph.  Are Donny and Leo still practicing?”

“Yeah, so what?”

“This is going to be great!”  Sniggered Michaelangelo as he skipped towards the training room.  Raphael got up and followed him.  He was bored; maybe this could lend some excitement to the day.  When he reached the training room Michaelangelo was crouching by the door.  Raphael looked in to see Donatello and Leonardo sparring.

“You know if they see us we’ll have to practice too!”  Raphael whispered.

“Shh!  Don’t be such a killjoy.  Watch this!”  Michaelangelo stood up holding the melon in one hand.  He brought his arm back.  “Hey Donny!  Heads up!”  He yelled as he tossed the melon towards Donatello.


Donatello turned round just in time to see the incoming missile.  He took a swing with his Bo.

“No Donny!”  Leo was too late.  The melon exploded showering Donatello with the foul goop.  Donatello stood frozen, dripping from head to toe.


Michaelangelo and Raphael were in fits of laughter.  “You should have seen your face!”  Michaelangelo managed to get out.


“MICHAELANGELO!”  Came a shout from behind.

“Dang! Busted!”  Michaelangelo shrank a little as he turned to face Splinter.

“For your punishment you will clean the whole training area from top to bottom.  Raphael, you will help him.”  Splinter ordered leaning on his walking stick.

“But I didn’t do nothing!”  Raphael protested.

“Precisely, in doing nothing to stop Michaelangelo you are just as guilty.”

“Way to go melon boy!”  Raphael growled.

“Look on the bright side.  At least you two have something to do now.”  Leonardo smiled.