“OW!”  The silence was broken once again.  April glanced over the top of her magazine only to see Michaelangelo angrily rubbing the side of his head while glaring at a smug Raphael.  She didn’t really want to know what was going on, so she returned to her reading.

“OW! Grrrrrr.” 

Raphael was finding it hard to stifle his own sniggering as he flicked another peanut towards his hapless brother.

“Raph!  Stoppit.”  A thoroughly irritated Michaelangelo snapped as he tried to shield his head from the onslaught.

“Raph, act your age and leave Mikey alone.”  Leonardo sighed as the third peanut ricocheted off Michaelangelo’s shoulder.

“Piss off Leo, we were having fun until you had to butt in.”

“I wasn’t having much fun.”  Michaelangelo pouted as he rubbed his stinging arm.

April groaned inwardly, she could tell trouble was brewing fast.  Donatello cleared his throat.  “You know, it is a rather dangerous activity.  You have no way of predicting the trajectory and therefore the risk of taking someone’s eye out.”

“Do you want me to give you a prediction?”  Raphael interrupted, before firing a peanut in Donatello’s direction.

“Grow up Raph!”  Leonardo got out of his chair and attempted to forcefully prise the peanuts from his sibling’s possession.

“Get a life!”  Raphael growled pushing his feet up against Leonardo’s stomach.

“Not before you give me those peanuts.”

“BUNDLE!”  Michaelangelo cried as he launched himself at his warring brothers, knocking them both over the back of the chair.  “RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” he continued to bellow at the top of his lungs as he pounded the cushion into Raphael’s face.  Leonardo managed to scramble free; he stood watching the battle making no attempt to break things up.

“THAT’S IT!”  Michaelangelo and Raphael stopped in mind action and everyone turned to see April slap her magazine down hard onto the table.  “SIT BACK DOWN!”  All three quickly obeyed her screeching commands; all the while shooting each other deadly looks.  April was iridescent with rage, “The next one to so much as whisper, will have their mouth personally taped shut by me!”

All the brothers exchanged horrified looks.

“You wouldn’t dare!”  Raphael challenged.

“Try me!”

Raphael folded his arms and glared at April, but he didn’t take her up on her threat.  He wasn’t that unbelievably stupid.


Several minutes of blissful silence followed, Michaelangelo had sprawled himself out over most of the couch.  Much to Donatello’s annoyance, who had been relegated to the far corner.  Raphael was endeavouring to quietly attract his brothers’ attention; carefully glancing over to make sure April wasn’t looking he took aim and tossed a peanut.  It hit Leonardo square on the chest before bouncing onto the floor and rolling under the couch.  Leonardo narrowed his eyes at Raphael, Michaelangelo looked over eager not to be left out.  Raphael started jerking his head sideways in an odd manner, desperate to express his desire to leave the room.