Chapter two



After a final yelp, Jasper relinquished his grasp on Leo’s hand, with a flurry of feathers he skidded of into a corner of the lair.  Leo clasped his injured hand close to his chest; gingerly he removed his other hand to inspect the damage.  Leo felt his blood run cold as he looked at the fresh wound, which was now bleeding profusely.  After Jasper’s nosedive into freedom, Michaelangelo gave chase.  “Aww, Did big horrible Leo scare you?”  He cooed to the now power crazed bird.

“Scared him?”  Was all Leo could whimper.

“I’d run that under the faucet.”  Michaelangelo helpfully suggested as he tried to calm Jasper down.  Jasper was fluffed up to twice his size, the thrill of the fight still fresh in his mind, oh the power, the absolute power!


Donatello appeared from the depths of his room to investigate what had caused such a commotion, only to find Michaelangelo molly coddling a small grey object.  “What’s going on?”  Leo walked out of the kitchen his hand bundled up in a large washcloth.  “Michaelangelo’s parrot attacked me!”

“Parrot?  Attacked?”  Donatello looked at his brother as if he was speaking another language.

“This is Jasper.”  Michaelangelo announced.  “He’s going to stay with us for a few weeks.”  Michaelangelo held Jasper out so Donatello could get a better look.  Jasper was cradled on his back in the palm of Michaelangelo’s hand, his little grey legs curled into the air, perfecting his ‘I’m oh so cute look’.  Donatello moved in a bit closer.  “Careful!”  Leo warned hovering a safe distance in the background.  Jasper let out the cutest ‘Ooooh’ you’d ever heard.

“Did you know that African Grey parrots have the learning capacity of the average five year old child?”  Donatello reached to tickle Jasper’s tummy.  Leo squeezed his eyes shut, waiting for the terrible blood curdling screams.  Nothing? 


Jasper was now perched on Donatello’s arm, thoroughly enjoying a head scratch.  “Hello Sexy!”  He drawled at his captive.

“My, you are intelligent.”  Donatello stated as he handed Jasper back to Michaelangelo, who then placed him on the back of the couch.  Leonardo made an indistinct noise, still keeping as much air between himself and Jasper as possible.  Donatello’s eyes fell to the heap of metal strewn across the floor.  “Need help?”

“Great!”  Enthused Michaelangelo.


After a few hours Jasper was still keeping a beady eye on the attempts to erect his ‘parrot penthouse’.  Most of the sides were up and the tray was in place, however the top of the cage was giving Donatello and Leonardo, who could never resist the urge to interfere, a run for their money.


“Don’t force it!”  Michaelangelo interjected.  “Get a bigger hammer!”


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