The foyer

The foyer



The group made their way up the stairs, once they had found the right level Michaelangelo set about hunting munchies.

“Popcorn!”  His cry rung out through the empty floor.  “This way, quick there’s no line.”  He sped off towards the bright neon signs that had attracted his attention from yards away.  The other three slowly followed, making sure to keep enough distance between themselves and Mikey, just in case anyone thought they were related.


Michaelangelo reached the counter first; he put his arms up so that his brothers couldn’t get a look in.  “A family size bucket of popcorn, please.”  He waved a $20 bill as he placed his order.  “What are the rest of you gonna have?”  He asked turning to his brothers.

“Sweet or salted?”  The assistant grabbed Mikey’s attention.

“Sweet, just like me!”  The other three pulled faces.

“How can you eat that much sweet popcorn?  Donatello questioned.

“Easy I stick it in my mouth, chew a few times, like this.”  Mikey stuck out his tongue to reveal half chewed popcorn.  “Then I swallow.”

“Well that’s put me off eating for the rest of the evening.”  Raphael groaned as he screwed his face up.

“Shouldn’t we get to the screen before the movie starts?”  Leo asked.

“Hey I can’t get my ticket out of my pocket and hold my popcorn at the same time!”

“I’ll hold it for you Mikey!”

“No way Raph, you’ll eat it.”

“Fine!  You can stay out here with your damned popcorn.”

Mikey looked at Leo, his eyes started to go all shiny and his lip trembled a little.

“Which pocket is your ticket in?”  Leo sighed

“The right side one.”

Leo started to put his hand in Mikey’s pocket and then stopped.  “Is there anything in there I should know about before hand?”

“No you’re safe, that stuffs in my left pocket.”


After giving their tickets to the young usher, who was slouched against the wall blowing large pink bubbles with her gum, they made their way into the dark screening room.

“Where should we sit?”  Donatello asked scanning the rows of spring-loaded seats.

“We could sit at the back.”  Michaelangelo said leaping on Raphael trying to kiss him.

“Get off me!”  Raphael did his best to fend off the attack. “I don’t want to sit at the back or the front for that matter.” 

“Middle?”  Leo suggested pointing to a row of seats.

“Great, that’ll do.”


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