The Journeys End

Raphael heaved himself off his equally drenched sibling making sure he pushed down hard enough to cause Michaelangelo to cry out in pain.  He stormed off towards the car, accompanied by the slop-slap of his wet clothes against his skin.


Bouncing up Michaelangelo dragged himself and his squelching sneakers after his brother.  When he reached the car Raphael was sat in the driving seat staring dead ahead, gripping the steering wheel with such force his knuckles whitened.  Michaelangelo opened his mouth to say something.

“Shut up and get in!”  Raphael growled, without moving.

Michaelangelo hesitated momentarily before doing has he was told.  He fidgeted in his seat, inspecting the suddenly interesting foot well scarcely daring to breathe.  The burning fury radiating from his brother was so tangible he could almost taste it.  Raphael put the car into drive and spinning the tires, pulled away from the forecourt.


They travelled shrouded in an uncomfortable silence for several miles.  Michaelangelo absentmindedly fiddled with the door lock while he gazed out of the window.

“Will you stop that?!”  Raphael barked, “It’s annoying!”

Michaelangelo sighed, all was quiet, but it wasn’t to last.  “So, in an all out kick-arse battle to the death, between Godzilla and the T-Rex from Jurassic Park.  Who do you think will win?”

Raphael’s face softened slightly.  “The Rex.”  He answered after a short while.

“Hello!”  Michaelangelo made a knocking gesture on his forehead.  “Are you crazy bro, Godzilla is the size of a freaking skyscraper!”

“Alright.”  Raphael concentrated for a few seconds.  “Who’s sexier, Catwoman or Batgirl.”

A huge smile illuminated Michaelangelo’s face, lighting up his eyes “Meeeow!” 


~The End~