Trouble eleven

Trouble eleven




Richard leaned back in his large leather office chair; he examined the line up before him.  “This was all you could find?”  He asked raising an eyebrow at the moth-eaten gang stood before him.

“On such short notice.”  Jon started to whimper before Richard interrupted him.  “Are you making excuses?”

“No Sir.”

“Good.  I guess they will do.”  Richard waved them off with his hand.  “I thought I told you to check the hospitals?”  He growled as he turned to the feeble looking Jon.

“Yes Sir, right away.”  Jon started to leave the room.

“Oh, before you go.”  Jon stopped and looked at Richard resting his feet on the expensive desk.  “Get some new clothes and try to look half way decent.”



Leo walked back to Carrie’s room, as he rounded the last corner the corridor descended into a chaotic state.  As soon as Sandy spotted him she rushed over.

“Oh, I am so glad we found you!”  She sighed grabbing hold of Leo’s arm and dragging him down the corridor.  “There have been some complications.”

“Complications?  What complications?”  Leo could feel Sandy’s grip digging into his arm.

“Not enough time to explain!”  They hurried the last few yards to Carrie’s room, by now the place was a hive of activity.  Leo felt nervous around so many people, but it was clear they had other things on their minds.  “The baby has become distressed!  We need to perform an C-section in order to deliver the baby.”  Sandy rattled off, but Leo was only half listening.  Poor Carrie looked terrified as she was loaded onto an operating trolley, as she was wheeled past she latched onto Leo’s coat and pulled him along with her.

“Don’t let them do this!”  She pleaded.  Sandy ran along side the trolley clipboard firmly wedged in her hand.  “We need you to sigh a consent form.”  She stated as she thrust the clipboard and a pen towards Leo.  He looked down at Carrie, who was still silently pleading with him.  “What happens if you don’t perform the operation?”  Leo asked looking back at Sandy.

“We will lose the baby and maybe even your wife.”  Leo looked back at the clipboard.

“Sigh that form and I never speak to you again!”  Carrie hissed.  Ignoring her Leo quickly scrawled something down and handed the clipboard back to Sandy.  As they arrived at the operating theater Carrie let go of Leo, Sandy then barred his way.

“Wha?”  Leo exclaimed.

“I am sorry Sir, but your wife has requested that you not be present.  It won’t be long, please take a seat and try not to worry.”  Sandy guided Leo over to a row of plastic seats lined up against the wall.



Michaelangelo leant against the doorframe.  “So are you going to let us in on this big secret?”  Raphael raised his head a little to look at Michaelangelo from his bed.  Donatello soon appeared behind Mikey.  “I have run a few more searches.”  He announced holding up a rather long print out.  “It seems that Miss Ryan has a very long history with the law.”  Michaelangelo glared at Donatello.  “Oh, like you’ve never done anything illegal.”  Donatello scanned the folds of paper in his hands.  “Drug smuggling, no.”

“Need I remind you that it is an offence to take underwear from people’s clotheslines?”  Donatello glared at Michaelangelo before leaving.

Raphael swung his legs over and sat up. 

“She’s been lying from the start.  We should never have gotten involved with her.”

“We didn’t, she got involved with us remember?”   Michaelangelo argued.  Raphael slipped the black book behind his belt and got up to leave.  “Where are you going?”  Michaelangelo asked as he pushed past.  “Out!”  Raphael replied. 

“That’s what got us into this mess in the first place!”  He shouted after him.

“What is wrong Michaelangelo?”  A voice startled him; he turned to see Splinter waiting for an answer.



The ten minutes Leo had been waiting seemed to blur into hours, it was hard not knowing what was going on behind those doors.  Mind you, the thought of being operated on while you are awake didn’t appeal to Leo much either.  Sandy pushed her way out of the doors and rushed down the corridor, on her way back she paused for a second.  “Everything is going well.”  She beamed before disappearing through the large doors again.  The minutes slowly crawled by; Sandy emerged from the theatre once again, this time carrying a small bundle in her arms.  Leo rose from his seat as she came over to him.

“Congratulations!”  She beamed holding out the bundle.  “You have a beautiful baby daughter.”  Leo was at a loss for words; it didn’t help matters when Sandy placed the wriggling baby in his arms.  He felt his whole body stiffen as he looked down at the tiny person he was holding.  He had seen babies before, but never one this close, he watched as her fists uncurled to reveal two perfect little hands.   At that moment he was hit by a confusing flood of emotions, his own mortality began to play on his mind.  This was something he would never have, it hadn’t really bothered him before, but then he had never given it much thought.  Fear began to grip him, what if he dropped her, or hurt her?  He suddenly felt clumsy and awkward, the baby’s face screwed up and she chose that moment to test her lungs, a surge of protectiveness pushed away all the other emotions Leo was feeling.

“I’d better take her to the nursery.”  Sandy said holding out her arms, to Leo’s surprise he really didn’t want to hand her over, but he reluctantly did so.  “Your wife is in recovery asking for you.”  Sandy wrapped the pink shawl a little tighter around the child before disappearing with her.


Leo waited a few seconds before entering the room, Carrie was lying in bed looking thoroughly exhausted, she perked up a bit when she saw her visitor.   Wincing a little with the pain she struggled to sit up.

“How are you feeling?”  Leo asked carefully sitting on the edge of the bed.

“I’ve been better.”  Carrie smiled weakly.  “Did you see her?”

“Yes.”  Was all Leo could manage before a nurse interrupted them.  She gave Leo a long hard stare.  “Now, Mrs Ryan, you really need your rest.”  Carrie sighed as she settled back down; the nurse guided Leo out the door.  “You can come back during proper visiting hours.”  The nurse closed the door behind him and scurried down the corridor when her bleeper sounding as she went.

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