Trouble Fifteen

((Thanks everyone for your support and great reviews!  I do apologise for letting my writing slip and not updating for two whole years, but the truth is I never in a million years realised people actually like my stories, especially this one.  I guess I am too critical of my own work.  I suffer greatly from dyslexia (Why is that word so hard to spell? lol) so it’s not a case of writers block, it’s a case of getting it out of my head and down in writing.  Anyway enjoy!))



Trouble Fifteen



Leonardo kept his back close to the wall as he peered around the corner; carefully watching the intruder’s every move.  Something told him that this wasn’t your usual average everyday break in.  Since when did your run of the mill burglar wear a suit and tie?  Just then the intruder turned so that Leonardo could see his face, his mind flashed back to the hospital.  It was the guy he bumped into on the way out!  But what was he doing here and what did he want?  He decided there was only one way he was going find out, he would have to wait and watch.


Jon slowly scanned the kitchen worktops.  There certainly was a lot of neat stuff here; he could clean this place out after his job was done.  Make it look like a burglary gone wrong and make a pretty penny into the bargain.  Sweet!   He opened a few draws and rummaged through their contains before dumping them on the floor.  He noticed a set of kitchen knives poking out of a wooden block on the side, smiling he pulled one out and turned the blade over in his hand.  “Perfect.”  He breathed.  Tucking the knife inside his jacket pocket Jon went off to search the rest of the apartment. 


Quickly ducking out of the way Leonardo kept a close eye on the intruder as he meandered through the apartment opening draws and shuffling things about.  He had to be looking for something, but what?  Leonardo’s blood ran ice cold, he grimaced to himself as Jon walked over to the armchair.  He’d forgotten about Hope!

“Well, well, well.”  Jon muttered bending down to get a closer look at the sleeping child.

A surge of anger caught Leonardo completely by surprise.  “Get away from her!”  He quickly berated himself.  He’d given away his position, any hope of a surprise attack was now lost.

“Who’s there?  Where are you?”  Jon demanded spinning on his heels he squinted into the darkness.  Leonardo remained silent; if he was lucky he could still get the drop on the intruder before he knew what was happening.  Jon clumsily fumbled with a lamp perched on the coffee table.  Throwing up his arms Leonardo tried to shield his eyes from the sudden light.

W-w-what the fuck are you?”  Jon spluttered almost toppling backwards over the coffee table.

“I’m the babysitter.”  Leonardo stalled for time; he had to get this man away from Hope and out of the apartment as quickly as possible.


Jon curled his fingers tightly round the handle of the knife; decisively he pulled it from his pocket and held it out in front of him.  “Get back you freaking monster!”  His voice quavered as the tip of the knife shook.

“Whoa hey!”  Leonardo held his hands up in a defensive posture; once Jon was suitably distracted he knocked the knife from his hand with crescent kick.  Shifting his weight quickly he struck with a thrust kick hitting Jon hard in the stomach.  The air was forced from Jon’s lungs as he tumbled over the coffee table, smashing the lamp on his way.  He had scarcely managed to sit up before Leonardo forced him back down.  Drawing back his fist Leonardo punched Jon in the face with all his might.

“Stop, stop, please don’t hurt me!”  Jon gibbered after the fourth strike his shaky hands desperately covering his face. 

Leonardo hauled Jon to his feet buy the collar of his bloodied shirt.  “What do you want?”

“N-n-nothing!” Jon whimpered

“Who do you work for?”

“N-n-no one!”

Leonardo tightened his grip and growled, Jon clutched at his wrists and struggled, kicking out with his feet.

“Lemme go, I s-s-swear I’ll never come b-b-back, s-s-scouts honor!”  Jon made a haphazard trembling salute.  Leonardo narrowed his eyes; he dragged the simpering Jon over to the apartment door and flung him into the hall.  Jon landed in a tangled heap on the floor; he scrambled to his feet and straightened his tie.

“If you EVER come back here again, I’ll kill you.”  Leonardo snarled before slamming the door.  Jon stood paralysed by fear for a short while; slowly the feeling crept back into his jelly like legs and he ran off down the hall to the relative safety of the streets below.  Resting his head against the door Leonardo sighed as he listened to Hope’s disturbed cries.


April juggled her keys in the lock as she anxiously clung onto her suitcases; pushing the door open with her back she entered the apartment.

“I came back as soon as I got the call and,” she turned; the scene that greeted her was not one she expected, the clatter as her suitcases hit the floor startled her.  She glanced at the broken coffee table and the shattered lamp scattered across the floor.  “Oh my god!  What happened here?”

“Just a break in, nothing was taken, so there’s nothing to worry about.”  April spun round at the sound of Leonardo’s voice; she couldn’t help but smile at the sight of him gently bouncing a baby in his arms.

“Gosh, she’s so cute.”  April cooed holding out her arms.  “Can I hold her?”

“Please do.”  Leonardo thrust Hope towards April.

“So where’s Carrie?”

“That’s something I’d like to know.”  Leonardo had a hard time keeping the aggravation out of his voice; he crouched down and started to pick up the shards of lamp.

“Don’t you know where she is?”



Suddenly the door burst open; Raphael stormed in yanking Carrie behind.  She clawed at his hand trying to prise her arm from his grip.

“I seem to have found something you’re missing.”  Raphael scowled as he roughly pushed Carrie to the floor in front of April and Leonardo.

“Raph, what are you doing?”  Leonardo asked glaring at his brother before slowly standing.

“Taking control of the situation.”  He couched down close to Carrie.  “Are you going to tell him or am I?”  He hissed at her.

“Tell me what?”

“Turns out little Miss Innocence ain’t as innocent as she makes out to be.”  Raphael smirked, fully basking the glory of having one up on his ‘prefect’ brother.  April and Leonardo looked at Carrie as she cringed on the ground.

“I don’t know what he’s talking about.”  She sobbed.

“Why you lying little!”  Raphael grabbed Carrie by the arm and pulled her up off the floor.  He never got to finish the sentence before he was knocked to the floor, glancing up he saw Leonardo stood over him grasping his semi sheaved katana.

“Touch her again Raph and I swear I’ll take your hands off!”  Raphael emitted a low rumbling growl as he got to his feet.   He had to keep his cool, he couldn’t loose his temper, not now, or he’d risk loosing all credibly.  April quickly helped Carrie to her feet and steered her out of harms way.

“Leo, she’s playing you for a fool, only you’re to wrapped up in honor to see it.”  Raphael watched his brother, but his stance didn’t change.  “She’s been lying from the start.”  He took a deep breath to calm himself.  “For fuck’s sake Leo wake up!  What are you protecting that lying whore for anyway?”

At that Leonardo lost all self-control; he drew his katana.











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