Trouble two

Trouble two



April and Carrie moved along the sewer tunnel.  “I don’t think this is such a good idea!”  Carrie said as she did her best to keep up with April.

“Nonsense!  They’ll be glad to see you, you’ll see.”  Carrie wasn’t so sure; she hadn’t really left on the best of terms seven months ago.



Raphael and Michaelangelo sat watching a 24-hour cartoon channel.  “Ha, that coyote gets dumber and dumber.”  Raphael snorted.

“Sounds like someone I know.”  Smirked Michaelangelo.

Before Michaelangelo knew what was happening Raphael was on top of him, pounding away with a cushion.

“You’d better sleep with one eye open tonight!”  Raphael said between pounds. 

“Can you guys please keep it down, this puzzle is hard enough as it is.”  The squabbling pair looked at Donatello who was sat at the kitchen table, pen in hand.

“He canna take it ca’pain, he’s gonna blow!”  Shouted Michaelangelo only to be hit in the face by a dishcloth.

“Killjoy.”  Raphael huffed as he sat back down in the recliner.

“Hi guys it’s me and I brought a surprise!”  April trilled as she stepped through the door.

“Muffins?”  Michaelangelo asked as he sat upright.

“No, Gannet Guts, a friend.”  April said as she pulled a very reluctant Carrie through the door.

The room fell silent, Carrie stood there as three shocked faces looked back at her.  April guided her further into the room and sat her down in the armchair.

“Where are Splinter and Leo?”  April asked as she fetched Carrie a drink of water.

“I think they’re both in the training room.”  Donatello answered not taking his eyes off their guest.  Carrie began to feel like a zoo exhibit.  April walked in the direction of the training room.  “I won’t be long.”  She called back to Carrie.  After a few moments of uncomfortable silence Donatello spoke up.  “I believe congratulations are in order!”

Michaelangelo snapped out of his trance.  “Whoa, how’d you manage that?”  Donatello nudged him with his elbow.  “I think we need to have a little talk.”  He whispered.

“Huh, Wha?  Hey!”  Michaelangelo frowned.


April made her way to the training room; she looked in to see what was going on.  Splinter was watching Leonardo go through a range of exercises.  April coughed to get Splinter’s attention.  He smiled when he noticed her.

“Enough for today.”  The rat said raising his hand  “You have healed well my son.”

“Thank you Master.”  Leonardo replied as he bowed respectfully, he remained in place as April entered the room.

“Splinter, I need to talk to you about something important.”  The old rat nodded towards Leo, who turned to leave.

“Wait!”  April called after him.  “This involves you as well.”

“Follow me.”  Splinter beaconed, slowly making his way to his room.  Inside there wasn’t much in the way of furniture.  In the corner was a small bed, in the middle of the room there was an old style Japanese tea table, complete with little mats.  In what April liked to call the cozy corner was an old rocker, a small table and a large rug on the floor.  In an ornate holder on the table incense sticks were burning.  The sweet smell and the misty smoke always reminded April of a dream she couldn’t quite remember.  Splinter sat down in the old rocker and motioned to the rugged floor.  Leo kneeled down facing Splinter, April followed suit beside him.  After a few moments Splinter spoke.

“You have something to ask us, my child?”

“Yes, it’s a bit complicated and I need your help.”

“Are you in trouble?”  Splinter asked raising an eyebrow and twitching his whiskers.

“I’m not in trouble, but a friend is.”  April glanced over to Leo, who was sat motionless looking ahead towards Splinter.

“Who is this friend you speak of?”  Splinter inquired as he leaned forward on his walking stick.

“Carrie Ryan.” 

Leo broke his gaze with Splinter and looked at April.  “She’s Back?!”  He said, not knowing which emotion to release first.

“Urm!”  Splinter interrupted, Leo turned back towards Splinter his eyes cast to the ground.  “You will have your turn to speak soon, my son.”  Splinter continued.  “How can we be of help to miss Ryan?”

“She is heavily pregnant.”  April started.

“That’s nothing to do with me!”  Leo broke in shooting Splinter a worried look.  Splinter raised his hand to silence his son.

“Please allow April to finish.”

Leo returned to looking at the floor, shifting his weight nervously.  April tried to suppress her annoyance as she continued.

“The father treated her badly, so bad she had to ran away.  She turned up at my door in a terrible state.  This guy, Richard Davis has threatened to harm her and the baby.  I have told her she can stay with me for as long as she needs, but she is petrified that this man will find her and hurt her.  That’s where you or rather Leo comes in.” 

Splinter nodded and turned towards Leo.  “Now you may speak.”

“Master, this is a human problem and we should not get involved.”

Splinter nodded.

“How can you say that?”  April demanded.  “She saved your life!  You owe her!”

“April is right my son.  Ancient laws of honor.   You are in her debt.”  Splinter fixed Leo with a steely glare.

“And what do you want me to do?”  Leo slightly raised his voice as he looked at April.  “Raphael’s the one you want for mindless assassinations!”  Splinters expression told Leo that he was far from pleased with the outburst.  “Forgive me Master.” He said bowing.  “I not about to go looking for trouble.”

“I don’t want you to hunt this man down.  I just think that Carrie would feel better if she knew someone was looking out for her.  Just afford her your protection should she need it.  That’s all I ask.”  April pleaded.

“It seems that you are between a rock and a hard place my son.”  Splinter announced sitting back in his rocker.  “I trust that you will do the right thing.”

Leo sighed and then stayed silent for a while, finally he turned and looked at April.

“She will have my protection until the child is born.”  Leo stood up and bowed before leaving.  April took hold of Splinters hands.  “Thank you.”  She breathed.

“It is not me you should be thanking.”

“I don’t think he is speaking to me anymore.”  Splinter looked past April to watch his son go into the training room. 

“I fear you have merely bruised his pride, he will heal quickly.”  Splinter said allowing a smile to escape.


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