Trouble six

Trouble six.




Leo called out as he opened the door.  No response?  Maybe the pair had gone shopping, any excuse right?   Leo walked further into the apartment only to be met a scene of utter disarray.  Carrie was slumped in the armchair her right hand dangling but still clutching the bottle of Bourbon.   Leo stood over Carrie, trying to determine whether she was live or not.

“Want a drink? No, well I do!” Carrie slurred causing Leo to stumble backwards.

“What the hell are you doing?” He demanded.

“Nothing! It’s my life, what’s it got to do with you?”  Carrie swayed to her feet dropping the bottle on the floor.

“What about the baby?  Doesn’t it get a choice?”  Leo could feel his irritation beginning to escalate.

“Oh, what do you care?”  Carrie garbled trying to point a finger at Leo.

“At least one of us does.  Just look at yourself.”

“Piss off!”  Carrie spat, venom leaking into her voice.  “You know nothing about me or my life.  What do you know about surviving?”

Leo let out an angered sigh.  It had to be the drink talking, but then again don’t they say drunken tongues speak the truth?  “I know more than you think.”

Suddenly Carrie flew at Leo lashing out at him.  “It’s all your fault!”  She screamed.  “You should have let the police find me in that alley!”

“If I had you would be facing childbirth on death row.  Leo grabbed both of Carrie’s wrists to prevent her from injuring him or more likely herself.  Rage swept across Carrie face as she struggled to free herself from Leo’s grip.

“You bastard!  I hate you!”  She screeched twisting her wrists in Leo’s hands.  “Why didn’t you kill me when you threatened?  It would have saved me from a life like this!”

Leo felt his anger escape him; he pushed Carrie back and watched as she fell in a heap on the floor.  Carrie cowered, as he stepped closer “Don’t hurt me.”  She murmured.  Leo reached down and seized Carrie’s arm, pulling her up forcefully, he dragged her towards the bathroom.  Carrie struggled and kicked out with all her strength, but Leo’s grip remained firm.


At that moment April entered the apartment.  “Hi, I thought I’d get some packing done in my lunch hour.  I hope everything’s fine here.”  April looked over the top of her paperwork in time to catch a glimpse of the warring pair.  She dropped her paperwork on the floor and ran after them.  “What’s going on?”  She demanded as she caught up with them.  Leo ignored April as he picked Carrie up and dumped her in the bath.  “Cool off!”  He growled as he turned the cold shower faucet on.  He then left the bathroom slamming the door behind him.


Carrie slid down in the bath and started sobbing as the cold water drenched her clothes and soaked her skin.  She could hear April’s and Leo’s raised voices coming from the living room.  She could only pick up bits of the argument over the sound of the shower.

“May I suggest you get a lock for your drinks cupboard!”  Leo’s voice filtered through the bathroom door, followed by the sound of a glass bottle being slammed down on a hard surface.

“What happened?”  April sounded a little apprehensive.

“I said I would protect her!  I didn’t think that included protecting her from herself!”

“Where are you going?”


Carrie heard the door slam; she was startled by a knock on the door.

“Are you okay in there?”  April’s voice was thick with worry.

“Fine.”  Carrie croaked as she wiped her wet hair away from her face.  “Could I have a little help, please?”  April slowly pushed the door open as looked at the dishevelled woman sitting in her bath.

“What button did you push?  I’ve never seen him like that.”  April asked as she helped Carrie to her feet.

“I don’t what to talk about it.”  Carrie voice was barely a whisper.

“Do want me to call work and tell them I can’t come in?”

“Thanks, but I think I’ll be okay.”


The walk home had done nothing to calm his temper down.  Leo crashed through the door and made his way to the living room.  Michaelangelo was sat on the couch  watching mind rotting daytime television.  He smiled and stood up when he saw Leo enter.  As Leo got closer Michaelangelo opened his mouth to say something.  What happened next shocked him.

“Say the word baby and you die!”  Leo shouted grabbing Michaelangelo’s throat, Michaelangelo stood frozen with his mouth hanging open.  Leo then pushed him backwards causing him to fall back onto the couch.  Leo turned and stomped off towards his room

“Was that Leo?”  Donatello asked poking his head round the corner.  Michaelangelo sat up and rubbed his neck.  “Looked like Leo, sounded like Leo, But it acted like Raph!”


Leo threw himself down on his bed; he lay there fuming for a while and then remembered the beeper.  He pulled it off his belt and hurled it across his room.

“Isn’t that April’s?”  Donatello asked giving away his presence.  Leo turned his head to stare at him.  “So, what happened?”  Donatello ventured stepping into the room.

“Carrie Ryan.”  Leo growled before turning his back on Donatello.

“Do you want to talk about it?”  Leo glared over his shoulder at his brother.

“Close the door on your way out.”  Donatello paused to looked at Leo before he closed the door.  Maybe Carrie’s return had opened a few old wounds.  Donatello decided it was best to give that area of the lair a wide birth for the rest of the day.


Leo rolled on to his back and folded his arms across his chest, he was so angry he thought he would burst.  The way he felt right now he could just hurt someone for the hell of it.  Leo wondered if this was how Raphael felt before he did something violent.  He never knew it was possible to be irritated so much by some one.  He could spend a whole day letting Raphael’s snipes wash over without any major problems, but this woman only had to open her mouth to get his blood boiling.  He would never hit a lady without good reason, but her ass was pushing it.


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