Weeping sores



A wide grin crept across the whole of Raphael’s face as Michaelangelo edged nearer.

“You.”  Michaelangelo continued to hiss as he drew closer.  “You Raphael, are a weeping sore on the ass of humanity!”


Raphael feigned a look of shock.  “You’ve hurt me right here Mikey.”  He sniggered placing a hand across his chest.  In a spilt second Michaelangelo charged his guffawing brother.  Raphael had little time to react before he was upon him, they collided haphazardly sending themselves hurtling towards the ground, a short quick scuffle resulted as Michaelangelo tried frantically to strangle his brother, before Raphael managed to throw him off.  Michaelangelo staggered backwards a small distance and prepared to launch another attack, Raphael had only just managed to scramble to his feet before he had to dodge the roundhouse kick coming his way.  Michaelangelo spun round on his supporting leg and followed through with a back fist strike. Raphael jeered and mocked him as he blocked it, he didn’t see the front kick that sent him sprawling until it was too late.


“Yes!”  Michaelangelo punched the air, but his victory was short lived, Raphael sprung to his feet, his expression soured.


“You think you’ve got what it takes, uh Mikey?”  Raphael sneered, gesturing with his arms held wide as he walked towards his brother.  “You think you can take me down?”  He shoved Michaelangelo hard on the shoulders, causing him to lose balance slightly.  Michaelangelo groaned inwardly, why did Raph have to turn everything into a full on fight?  Raphael shoved him again this time harder, causing Michaelangelo to stumble.


By now a large crowd had gathered around the two brothers, watching their every move.  Michaelangelo had no intention of reacting to his brother’s taunts and threats that was until someone in the crowd yelled.




Not fully understanding why himself, he punched Raphael hard in the face making his brother recoil, the moment he did it he knew it was the worse move he could have possibly made.  The chants grew louder and louder until they rung around the gas station forecourt and throbbed in their heads.




Momentarily frozen with fear Michaelangelo waited for his brother to make the next move, he knew there was no calming him down now, Raphael hated losing especially in front of an audience.  Raphael swept his brother down with a low kick, before he could even move, he was on top of him, forcing him on to his back he seized Michaelangelo by the throat.  Michaelangelo stared up into his face, he could see the uncontrollable rage behind Raphael’s eyes, it was getting harder to breathe as his brother began to tighten his grip.  He didn’t quite fancy the idea of having his head dashed against the concrete below, Michaelangelo squirmed for all he was worth, but it wasn’t working, he grabbed Raphael’s arms and started to dig his thumbs into the insides of his elbows.


Suddenly the crowd parted to reveal the attendant holding a large bucket, he threw its contains over the fighting pair.  Michaelangelo and Raphael sucked large amounts of air as the cold water hit them.


“No fightin, I call police.”  The attendant announced.