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Here you will find many links to pages, I have stumbled upon on the net and that I feel need to be visited! Hoever through all the pages of my site you will find banners for buffy sites and x files sites.

Personal interest, and chat rooms.

Me and my friends site, about a history bug called fred, you will probably understand better if you read the stories on the site... wait .. no probably not.. i don't even undertsand it! haha!

Fred the History Bug and friends website

A good chat site.. I met one of my closest friends on here

Teen chat

Another good chat site, i mey some of my other great net mates on here!


A good place to chat with your friends, uninterrupted... on live message boards.


The X Files - cool pages

The official site is very good for news, episode synopsis's and other cool stuff! Download the Roots of Conspiracy game!

The Official Fox Site

Dean Haglund, who plays Langly from the Lone Gunmen, has his own site.. visit is here!

Dean Haglund's site

This is a great x files site, with good member participation aspects. The members are really cool... i'm a member.. join us! Write your own episode reviews... post a message on the discussion board,  confess how x files obsessed you are in the confessional


A great site for downloads, multimedia, episode spoilers and news!

Rohan's X Files Realm

This site is great... check out the x files music videos.. they are soo cool!

Ascension X

Another great site for multimedia such as vids, sounds bloopers etc!

Joe's X File page

Great site.. good design... excellent news, pics, vids etc!

Haven for the F.B.I's most unwanted

Searching for the truth

Great site with Print ads, vids, pics, etc


Even though at the moment i am not allowed to shop on the net , a little window browsing never hurt anyone.. did it?!?!

My fave clothes shop!


Records, vids, y'know the score!


Other Cool sites (music, film, tv)

The official site.. its great! shockwave enabled


The official site, great design, postcards, store etc


Buffy news site: the watchers web

Great Buffy and angel news site!