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I'd like to say Thank you to all my mates, School friends, College friends or Net Friends! All have to put up with me in one way or another!

Thanx to my school friends Shelley (Garth), Kim, Lucy (J.Lo), Jenny, Sherisse, Mel and Ellen! You guys are great and had to put up with me for the longest time 14 years for some of you!!!!!! I feel sorry for you!

Also a thank you to my college friends who ive known a short time but are still great mates! These people are Natalie, Kathleen, Sarah, Fellow Wills Angels (Nike and Natasha), Will, Susumo, Tanveer among others!!!!

And finally but not least thank you to my net friends! Especially Terry, who ive known for quite a while now! Always makes me smile! Thank you!
Also thanx go out to The Slayerettes, this great group of ppl include Terry (again), Nick, Hary, Jenny and Candice!
Hi to Erin (US X Files source), Adam, Sian and Helen! You Guys make the net a better place!

A bit thank you to my family as well! Love ya!