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More Season 9 News
Season 9 is due for a US premiere date on November 14th! Not so long in the grand scheme of things! Chris Carter has also signed a 1 season deal to cover season 9.
YAY! Spoilers have began to emerge .............. theres a new male FBI agent appearing some sources declare. Visit
Haven for the full lowdown! 
Season 9 New
Looks like The X Files is saved for another year yet again! YAY! wohoo! Looks like it will be Scully, Doggett and Reyes! Dont know what i think about the character Reyes......... (watch this space)

Season 7 BB
Well last week season 7 finished on BBC (Sunday 27th May "Reqiuem"), so theres still quite a while for terrestial viewers to wait for their first view of Doggett! and ppl ... you wont be dissapointed!!!!

The Lone Gunmen.....BYE BYE???

I read somewhere taht due to bad viewer ratings The Lone Gunmen Spin Off Series in America is due to be cancelled!!  :(   Poor Frohike, Langly and Byers!

X Files Season 8 Revie
Well we're quiet a way through Season 8 in England on Sky One now! and he's back!!!! Doggett is proving to be a very good character and on the whole I am enjoying this season very much!

Reqiuem Video Release (U
The video of the Reqiuem episode of The X Files is now avalible to buy in UK video stores
BBC X Files Nig
After many many letters of complaint to the BBC us Philes are finally appeased!  Sunday 12th November is X Files night! Woohoo! Screened are The Joy of X documentry, The Springfield Files (simpsons/x files crossover v.funny :) )  and the Pilot episode then Season 7 of The X Files begins on BBC2 on Wednesday nights at 9 o clock!    As said in the mythical words of Yoda the Jedi master Happy we are
DVD Month
This months issue of DVD Monthly includes a free disc with some extracts from the X Files Season 1 DVD box set!  Which is not out at approximately 90 qui
Official S
The OS has a new flash opening...... its great! However not for people who want to aviod details about the end of Season 7 and start of Season 8. However to avoid those details you would have to hide your head in a paper bag for the next few months till the Satellite Season 8 premi
Well the verdicts are in and as far as i can tell by surfing my fave X Files pages....... its good! Can't wait for Britain to get season 8, it will be Spring 2001 according to the Official X Files Magazi
ne! Visit the Haven for the fbi's most unwanted
Within, Wit
These are the epsiode titles for the new episodes of the 8th season! Great names i
Check out the news page for preview glimpses of the US TV guide X files covers. The 3 different covers which will be in newstands in the US ready for the season premire feature David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson and Robert Patr
Haven For The FBI's Most Un
wanted, has major spoilers for the 8th season. If you want to know what happens . visit the site.
It also has links to the season 8 trailers which you can also find on the Official
site! which is the nearest any of us in the UK will get to the season premiere for a while yet!
New char
Well as you should all know by now, a new character has been appointed ... Robert Patrick from Terminator II. He will play Agent John Dogge
Filming was scheduled to have begun on 7/25 for the eighth season of The X Files. With the first episode of the season being shown on the 11/5 in America. Guess we have a while to wait in the UK the
Vid Re
In the UK, the vid of Millenium is now available, at many High Street Stores. The video is Limited Edition and includes the two last episodes of the 'Millenium' Series (Via Dolorosa and Goodbye To All That), and the X Files episode 'Millenium'. The episode follows Mulder and Scully as they try to enlist the help of Frank Black to help stop the Millenium Group. This episode was the long awaited X Files/Millenium crossover.
The video is an 18 certifica
Emmy nominations- 1999-
The X Files has been nominated for 6 Emmy

Music Composition (Theef)
Make- Up (Theef)
Sound Editing (First Person Shooter)
Sound Mixing (First Person Shooter)
Special Visual Effects (Rush and First Person Shoo
David Duc
David Duchovny has signed on for 11 of the 22 episodes of the eighth season
Gillian Anderson- Ninth sea
With the eighth season only just being filmes, I read in a newspaper that Gillian Anderson has signed on for a ninth season of the X Files, if Chris Carter decides there will be o
Lone Gun
The lone gunmen pilot has been shot, download the trailer and the opening sequen
ce at Rohans X Files Realm
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