I apologise before hand for this chapter

I apologise before hand for this chapter.  I have been taking strong painkillers due to a broken arm.  I think they have made me a little mad.  But what the hey!





Wishing for…




Peace and quiet, April had managed to separate the boys into the four different corners of the living room.  “Now, stay!”  She commanded, gesturing with her hands.  She sat down, picked up her magazine and began to read them same paragraph she had read several times over.  Fifteen minutes into the next page the peace was shattered.

“Raph’s looking at me!”  Michaelangelo’s voice leaked into the silence.

“Raphael, stop looking at your brother.”  April didn’t even bother to lower her magazine.  “And stop poking your tongue out at me.”

“What are ya, psychic?”



Silence reigned once again, this time for only ten minutes; Donatello was the one to break it.  “I miss my computer.” He sighed.

“What’s the matter Donny?  Withdrawal symptoms?”  Raphael Smirked from across the room.

“You spend to much time on that thing.  There are real people about you know.”  Michaelangelo threw his two cents in.  Donatello folded his arms and glared at his brothers.  “Computers are useful.  You play games on them.”  He looked at Michaelangelo before turning to Raphael.  “And what about the Internet?”  Raphael looked rather unimpressed; he made a scoffing noise.  “The Internet is only good for one thing.”

“Porn?”  Michaelangelo piped up.  Raphael narrowed his eyes at him and emitted a low growl.

“The Internet has many wonderful attributes.”  Donatello was in full swing.  “Like information.”

“Or meeting new people.”  Michaelangelo added a valid contribution to the conversation.

“Cybersex.” Came a voice from the other side of the room.  Everyone turned to see a stunned Leonardo sitting in the corner with his hand clamped firmly across his mouth.  He slowly removed his hand.  “Did I say that out loud?”

“Yes.”  April informed him, magazine held limply in her hand.

“Hmmm, I wondered why you were so popular with the ladies.”  Donatello sat back and rubbed his chin thoughtfully.




Don’t ask me, cause I don’t know.  Roll on those six weeks!


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