Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve





Names:             Adam and Eve

Age:                  Unknown

Sex:                  Male and Female respectively

Birthplace:        Another Earth where reptiles and not humans became the dominant species

Species:             Humanoid Snakes

Eyes:                 Yellow



Adam and Eve are brother and sister.  They come from an Earth very much like our own, except reptiles and not humans became the dominant species.  Their country is torn by unrelenting war, but their species has managed to build a complicated civilisation based around technology and the power of the mind.

Following a freak explosion that jettisoned them into our dimension they have become ‘bounty’ hunters to those willing to pay the right price. 



They keep their true personalities well hidden; they trust no one and are not to be trusted themselves.  Growing up with the consent backdrop of war and betrayal they have become cold, bitter, hard and untrustworthy. 

Adam is the stronger of the two characters, being the eldest he tends to take the lead.  This leads to at lot of hard feelings between his sister and himself.

Eve may be weaker then Adam, but she more then makes up for it with her slyness and the ability to bend the situation to suit her needs.



Both Adam and Eve have the power of psycho kinetics or the ability to control objects and the environment around them; they have limited mind control skills. Being able to trick people into seeing or believing what they want them to.  They are surprisingly acrobatic and are able to scale shear walls as well as escape through relatively small gaps.

Adam prefers to use his physical skills to gain what he needs, where as Eve has concentrated more on her physic abilities.  When they do work together in harmony they are almost unstoppable.