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Christmas Morning 2001

Good Morning :)

So this is Christmas...and a very Merry Christmas to you, your family and friends. During the past few weeks I have been on a soul journey of sorts. I have been trying to find the true meaning of Christmas and have often shared my thoughts with you. I am not sure I am any closer to the answer then I was at the beginning of this trek. :)

Christmas Day has traditionally been the day we celebrate the birth of Christ. When love came down from heaven to both dwell among and change mankind. This love is never more evident than during the holiday season.

***My wish for you and for me is that somehow, super naturally we would allow this special kind of "LOVE" to live strongly and radiate from our hearts everyday of the year. That would be the coolest thing, imagine how different our lives would be?***

There are many religions in this world, they all celebrate or honor a God, some match our own beliefs and some not. What I do know about most main stream religions is they all expound and call for this common thread, "COMPASSION."

****My next wish for you and for me is that God will make our hearts more compassionate by whatever means He chooses. I am sure this would also change our spheres of existence.****

During this "Holy Season," I have also given much thought to the existence of "ANGELS" of course. I believe that Angels do exist because the bible said it is so. Also, there is strong evidence in my own personal life that Angels do care for us, guide us and keep us from both bodily and spiritual harm.

I also believe in earthly Angels that live and dwell among us in human form because September 11th taught me this was also so. During times of disaster and deep sadness or calamities both personal and communal, we either develop hearts of stone or we become more compassionate. I hope you will always choose the road to being more open minded and compassionate.

****My third Christmas wish for you and for me is that we will all know the true touch of an Angel, both the divine and earthly kind, this coming New Year. We all or shall I speak for myself? I need to believe in the goodness of man and the existence of the miraculous and the extra ordinary. I need to believe that when it comes down to it we human beings will meet each challenge we face squarely in the face. Stepping up to the plate with renewed courage and hope. (Extra-ordinary times calls for extra-ordinary measures.)

Let's see there is a wish for more LOVE, more COMPASSION, a touch of the extra-ordinary and miraculous...What have I forgotten?

OHHHHHHHHH, I know....I wish you a wonderful New Year filled to the brim with the sweetest of blessings. I hope that you will always find a soft place to land when you trip and fall. I hope you will always have a loyal and true best friend to talk to and rely on. I hope you will always have a truth sayer in your daily life, someone that will tell you the truth in all things, but say it using real SOFT and loving words. I wish you health, added prosperity, joy beyond measure and most of all I hope you will always have an Angel at your side...These words are not new...but my fondness for you is. :)

I have decided NOT to reveal my idenity to you. There are some of you that have guessed and I will not lie to you if confronted. I do want to leave you with these words...

Lord, you come to us in the storm, the fire, and even in the stillness of a quiet moment. Sometimes your message is strong, carried on bustling angelic wings, sometimes our spirits are nudged, our hearts lightened by the gentle whisper of spirit voices. However you approach us, your message is always one of tender love and compassion. Thank you for the certainty--and the surprise of your voice either supernatually or through the lips of a friend.

There is one certain thing about Angels, they appear out of no where and just as suddenly disappear. I am so sad to be leaving you, goodbye until next year.

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