Friendship Times Spotlight of the Month

Friendship Times Spotlight of the Month


Squeak and Lady Shadra

This month’s Spotlight is on member Alita.   Her website is:   /alita_gof/gof/


FT    What is a typical day like for you?

A. Depends on the day. Some of the days require rising at 4:30am, showering, gettin to work by 5:15 am. Coming home 2:30 pm .. usually rest for a few minutes before doing errands or checking out emails/net stuff. *L*.

Other days its rising by 7 am, working at home or at a clients place. Coming home and doing the normal dinner stuff. After dinner .. its back to the computer with and doing home chores in between computer tasks.     

FT Do you work outside the home and if so, what do you do ?

A. I am a self employed accountant, working from my home office or from clients offices. I also work part-time as a cook/cashier at a local "old style" country store.


FT What do you do away from the computer, ie. do you go fishing, camping?

A. Work, work .. *S* visit grandchildren. Go to movies. Been a long time since i've taken a vacation and done other stuff. I do like to cross stitch, read Readers Digest. Visit with family. If I were really lucky .. I'd be swimming and sittin in the shade reading or just playing cards with friends.    

FT What makes you laugh?   Really laugh, or as Stargazer would say… “guffaw”.

A. I laugh easy. Laffter is the BEST medicine. Watching my grandchildren try to get away with whatever they can makes me laugh. A hearty laff from someone else is very contagious.

FT What causes do you hold dear?   Any particular reason?

A. Breast Cancer - Lost my grandmother to this disease, and my cousin has been fighting for her life for more then 8 years now. On behalf of myself, and my own daughter, I would wish to see this disease erradicated.

Diabetes - My father has it and it has certainly changed his lifestyle and life

Depression - Have seen what it does and can do ... to myself, and a few loved ones.

Domestic Violence - This hit home.

FT      Name an event in your life that you will never forget.

A. Two .. the death of my mother, the birth of my grandson ..

FT     What is your favourite pasttime or hobby or craft?

A. At this time in my life, my favorites past-time is learning web "stuff". Html, webhomes, graphics, surfing, searching.

FT How do you keep your kids occupied?   Any special hints?

A. (did) I was lucky, I was a work at home mom for the most part. So, I got the opportunity to "play" with them and keep them occupied (or they kept me occupied, i'm not sure which one applies *L*)     

FT If retired, how do you keep your husband occupied?

A. Husband? . .. *gulps* .. Retirement? *hehe* .. Neither apply to my life at this time.

FT When did you first join GOF?

A. I joined GOF December 2000

FT How did you find GOF?

A. I was invited to join

FT     If you had a chance to be a Garden Keeper for the day, what would you do?

A. I'd thank ALL the members of the group .. and give them the day off *laffs* I honestly don't know how to answer this question. Our Garden Keepers are angels. I am not *G*

FT If you had a chance to be one person for a day, who would that person be?

A. I would want to be my mother. She was a wonderful woman filled with compassion and had a passion for spreading love and comfort to those around her. She was blessed with many friends and had a heart of gold. May she rest in peace.

FT How much time do you spend online and how does your family feel about it?

A. I am currently spending about 4 -6 hrs a day online. Between the various groups and emailing and of course, I do take time now and then to visit a chat room. My daughter is the only one living at home with me right now and she does not mind it *S* .. She knows it keeps me off the streets and out of trouble *grins* Besides, she has a beau to keep her occupied when I am busy online *S* I'm hoping that once I get out of my slump and my life is in order, that I would be spending less time ONline. It is an economical way to keep in touch with friends and family and an excellent source of entertainment.

FT How much experience do you have on the computer?

A. Medium. I can get my way around. I'm not an expert, but have upgraded from a newbie *S*

FT      Did you enjoy this interview? Do you think it’s a good idea?

A. Yes. It made me think about myself alot.
Yes!!! I think this is a great idea and it will help to let the other members know a bit about each member.

FT Do you have any comments and/or suggestions?

A. Give us an idea whether you are looking for a few quick lines or a biography *hehe*

FT What motivates you?

A. The love of my family ..

FT     What irritates you?

A. Rude and careless people.

FT What is your favorite thing in life?

A. Living .. watching my children/grandchildren grow.

FT     Do you have your own webpage and if so, may we plug it?

A. Yes, I have several sites *L* .. My main homepage is
and my GOF page is /alita_gof/gof.
However, I most often post this website (that of my farmette and homeland) to my mother and to the USA)

FT        Did you create the site yourself?

A. My original homepage (alita1.geo) was first created by a friend, Daniel, prior to my obtaining the knowledge of some html. Since then i have "taken" over the site and have branched out my "pages" to about 7 addresses *L* ..      

Thanks, Alita, for taking the time to answer our questions.  It was fun!