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Gaa wiin daa-aangoshkigaazo ahaw enaabiyaan gaa-inaabid."
[Translated: "You cannot destroy one who has dreamed a dream like mine."]

~Infamous End of the Trail
James Earle Fraser created "End of the Trail" in 1915, a dejected Indian sitting on a horse. Seneca Chief John Big Tree was the model for the figure, which symbolizes the fate of the American Indians. Fraser felt the Indians had been treated unfairly by the white man and developed a great deal of compassion for them, as Do I...

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Lil 'Bout AngelWithPain (Di)
From this page, you'll find me...
"Alittle Queer" and "Quite Spooky" and my Passion and Love for The Native American Culture and Old West!
Here is alittle about Me below, to get to know me.

Because I've been so involved with my Ghost Hunting, I haven't updated many of my "AngelwithPain" Pages. I'll try to do better in this Coming Year but will always keep this page current!

There are a couple more important things I want you to know about me...
FIRST OFF, Please check out my page on the Illness I have

Secondly... I suffer from "Bi-Polar Disorder" which is a manic depressive! I also belong to a new group on Yahoo Health Called, Succeeding With Bi Polar... I have suffered with this disorder all my life but have only been diagnosed almost 20 years and am 47 years old. I have to take medication daily for the rest of my life and I can tell you that when I don't, the results are literally deadly...
With all my health problems, I have trouble managing this disorder because pain causes depression in itself. I Love helping others and if you ever have any questions about Bi-Polar please don't hesitate to ask.
Click here to join succeeding_with_bi-polar
Click to join succeeding_with_bi-polar

Because I was sexually abused as a Child -that is something I will never get over either... Your chiid or a child you know, could be victim to that right this minute. Please protect the little ones you love and let them know not to be afraid to tell so it can NEVER happen to them.

I also suffer from Degerative Arthritis. At 43 years old, I had a joint replacement from the arthritis eating away at my bones. I will also have to have more surgeries in years to come. After that, my FMS or Fibromyalgia became worse and I am now in chronic pain. This is a subject I also feel strongly upon and if you think you suffer from Arthritis, Here are several websites that can educate you...
Degenerative Arthritis, FAQ

My Fibromyalgia page has Helpful links Too!

  • For those who haven't visited my pages before
    My Name is Di
    I took the name "Angelwithpain"
    from an Indian Quote
    "Wondering Soul on Earth, Enduring the Sorrows of Life"

  • Zodiac Sign..Cancer

  • Current Residence..Montana

  • Marital Status..Long Relationship

  • Favorite Music..80's, Country

  • Favorite Artist..Toby Keith -Who's "Proud to be American"

  • Favorite Clothes...Winter -Flannels, Jeans and Boots
    Summer -Jeans, wife-beater, sandels

  • Favorite Sport..I'd rather be Fishing!

  • Favorite Movie..The Birdcage ALL Chevy Chase Vacations.

  • Past Times..EBAY The Native American Culture,The Computer and A GOOD GHOST HUNT, Fishing, Gardening, Camping, 4-wheel Driving, Fixing Cars, and Music

    AND last but not least about me..

  • Dislikes..#1,Dishonesty and Predjudice
    and the Person who could Abuse, Moleste or Murder a Child!
    "It does not require many words to speak the truth."
    ~Chief Joseph~

  • What I'm doing now...
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    Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays

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      This Page
      in Memory of
      Chris Farley

      Chris Farley Foundation
      February 15, 1964-December 18, 1997
      God Love ya
      And So Do I!

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