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~Paranormal Finds in Ghost Towns and other Haunts through Ghost Hunting~

If there is only one thing you take with you when you leave my pages, it's this...
"The Greiving Loved One left behind is as lost as a Ghost itself.
Both need help in finding which direction to go!"

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Did you know the macaw feathers on a Native American head-dress represent the spirit world?

There have been...

To This Site Since 1997:
    ...Here is alittle about me...
    It goes without saying my love for the Paranormal because of many experiences myself and being a nurse -led me to go back to school, Becaming Certified as a Mortician Technician, craving to learn and comprehend more about what there is from life to death.
    If you find you have an questions, please don't hesitate to email me.

    ...Why the Native American Importance?...
    I've always been interested in the Old West and The Native American Culture, with curiousity of the Spirit world...
    (I believe that was my Past Life!)
    Native Americans believed in the spirits of the dead. Ghosts revisited the earth every night. They would appear to friends and relatives in dreams, begging them to join them.
    I hold much respect in their wisdom of the Afterworld...
    We can learn a lot from these Native People if we open our ears and hearts and take the time to listen!

Where to Next?

"We're done proving that there's life after death.
We've proven it well past our own satisfaction.
From now on, let's do it this way:
you prove that there's not."

-Sylvia Browne from her book,
"Visits from the Afterlife"

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