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Most titles below contain my writings, mostly poems of feelings. A poem to me, isn't something that necessarily rhyme's, but just a feeling you need to expose.
Sometimes, rhyming takes too much out of the feeling you have, therefore leaves your story or poem cold.
I've also added a song for every poem. Some of the songs Go with the poem, and mean something to me. I hope you will stay and read each one twice, while listening to music on some.

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#1..Life's Ballgame

#2..The Last Dance "That wasn't my Chair after All"

#3..Everything I Love

#4..The Invitation


#6..The Heart


#8..Courage A Favorite by Amelia Earhart

#9..The Meaning of a Friend

#10..A Feeling so Precious

#11..The Answer


NEW! Iraqi Night Before Christmas 2005

In the Holiday Spirit

True Story

My Mother In Law

My Father In Law

Lyrics -Martina McBride

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