Name:     Unknown, known as Blane

Age:          Nearly in his 21st year.  Although sometimes he feels a lot older.

Sex:           Male

Birthplace:  London England

Species:      Mutant Turtle

Eyes:           Dark blue


His origin remains a mystery, he was found as a small child on the streets of London.  He was taken in by a kind family and raised in secret.  Blane hated hiding away from the world and frequently ran away from home.  He ended up living and barely surviving on the streets.  He was taken in an accepted by a gang of petty thugs and small time thieves.  He soon rose to become the best thief of them all.  Blane abused drink and drugs all through his teenage years, this is proving a habit hard to shake.  After a misguided prank Blane accidentally caused the death of the gang leader, he had no choice but to flee for his life.  He ended up coming to New York with his best and only human friend, Anya.  Shortly after arriving in the land of the free and the home of the brave, Anya disappeared.  Refusing to believe that she could be dead, Blane still wanders the streets looking for her.



Blane is a weird cross between Leonardo and Raphael.  Years of drink and drug abuse has cause him to suffer from personality disorders.  He blows hot and cold, he can snap in a second.  He has a strong sense of loyalty, but he finds trusting anyone hard.  His different sides contently rage for control.


Fighting style:

Although Blane knows some form of martial arts he is by no means as skilled as our ninja heroes.  Living on the streets Blane learnt to fight dirty, he uses any weapon to hand and tends to cross martial arts with street fighting and boxing.

What is he doing now?

Living life on a knife-edge.  Blane is using all his skills to stay alive.  Mainly shoplifting, stealing bikes and cars and the occasional drugs deal.  A guy has to finance his habit some how.  He always seems to land in trouble. He is currently allied with the Foot Clan, for reasons he only knows.