Thunderbolts: Heroic Tendencies (Part 1) Thunderbolts #45

"Heroic Tendencies (Part 1)" (2000/12/01)
"The Inside Job" Thunderbolts 45 (December 2000)

Roll Call: Charcoal, Hawkeye, MACH-2, Moonstone, Songbird, Techno/Ogre

Summary: While the Ego Mass threatens Burton Canyon and Mt. Charteris, Techno comes under attack by Scourge. When they locate Moonstone attacking SHIELD’s moon base in order to talk with the Supreme Intelligence, the Thunderbolts head for outer-space and meet Captain Marvel. Andie Sterman meets Warton in Washington D.C., and a comatose patient revives in London. Goliath (Henry Pym) appears briefly.

Continuity: The real Ogre and Techno’s experiment (who looks an awful lot like Jolt) are seen in their cryotubes. Atlas, destabilized by Nefaria's ionic bomb, is discussed and seen briefly in flashback. That's John Watkins III in the hospital, revived thanks to Zemo's brain transfer.

Comments: See Part 2 (2001/02/01).

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