Thunderbolts: Crazy Like a Fox Step right up -- but check your logic at the door, from Captain Marvel 18

"Crazy Like a Fox"(2003/10/01)
"Pop" Captain Marvel 13 (October 2003)
"Six" Captain Marvel 14 (November 2003)
"Squish" Captain Marvel 15 (December 2003)
"Uh-Uh" Captain Marvel 16 (January 2004))
"Cicero" Captain Marvel 17 (February 2004))
"Lipshitz" Captain Marvel 18 (March 2004))

Reader Rating: Below Average; Thunderbolts Interest: Medium

Summary: Genis-Vell uses his overwhelming cosmic powers and his ability to resurrect the dead to teach an invading force a lesson in hypocrisy. That is his last act before the time-rifts caused by his recreation of reality start bringing him into contact with people from alternate timelines -- alternate versions of Rick Jones and himself, first, then his mother Elysius, and a sister he never knew he had, Phyla. (Phyla. Heh.)

Genis' newfound family is ultimately able to pull him back from the brink to some level of sanity.

Epiphany appears, although she may just be a creation of Genis' insanity. Mentor and Eros -- the real ones, probably -- show up. Various Kree, Skrull and Shi'ar appear, and a couple of variations of the Thing.

Continuity: Genis regains his sanity, more or less. Alternate timeline versions of mother Elysius and sister Phyla are pulled into our reality.

Comments: It's all very muddled and, while many individual scenes are effective, the overall effect is nonsense. By the start of this arc, author Peter David has completely given up on the idea of dramatic conflict. By the end he's pretty much abandoned internal logic as well. I have no idea why the chapter titles are lyrics from Chicago.

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