Thunderbolts: Give a Guy a Break

Potential New-Bolts, from Millenial Visions 2002

Marvel Universe: Millennial Visions (February 2002)

Notes: Imaginative drawings of potential (if highly unlikely) futures are coupled with brief narrative text.

"Give a Guy a Break": Hawkeye uses extraordinary methods -- including hypnosis -- to hold together a new band of Thunderbolts: Absorbing Man, Batroc, Hawkeye, Jolt, the Killer Clown, Moonstone, the Ringmaster, the Scorpion, Stilt-Man, the Taskmaster, Techno, Titania, Whirlwind, the Wizard, and the Wrecker.

"Defenders of the Galaxy": When the Avengers leave Earth, the Thunderbolts are sanctioned by the United Nations. But a wary Black Panther does not trust them, and forms a new band of Avengers to keep the T-Bolts honest. The Panther's new Avengers include the Black Cat, the Hulk, Spider-Man, and War Machine.

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