Thunderbolts: MC2 Universe
Jolt assembles, from A-Next 1
Zemo and Barton, potentially, from A-Next 11

"Second Coming" A-Next 1 (October 1998)
" Black and White!" Spider-Girl 0 (October 1998)
"Ragnarok!" A-Next 10 (July 1999)
"Crucible!" A-Next 11 (August 1999)

Notes: The MC2 Universe presents generally light-hearted adventures of "the next generation" of Marvel heroes.

Second Coming:Ten years after the disbanding of The Avengers, trouble comes to Avengers Mansion when Loki tries to capture the mace of Thunderstrike. Jolt, Jubilee and Speedball -- all presented here as former Avengers -- meet new heroes The Stinger, J2, Mainframe and a second generation Thunderstrike to battle the Norse God. Black and White!:Peter Parker's daughter, May, discovers that she has inherited her father's spider powers. She has also inherited an enemy: the Green Goblin! Spider-Girl visits Avengers Mansion, where she sees a mix of former and next generation Avengers, again including Jolt and Speedball.

Ragnarok!/Crucible!: The next generation Avengers travel to an alternate Earth where Dr. Doom uses the super-powered Thunder Guard to keep rebellion in check. Captain America leads the Avengers in battle to stop Doom’s plan to expand his domination to other dimensions. The future Clint Barton appears, as does his Thunder Guard doppelganger, Deadeye (Hawkeye). Doom is assisted by some version of Baron Zemo.

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