Thunderbolts: Marvel Adventures/Marvel Age
Finding Zemo, from Marvel Adventures 3
The sights of NYC, from Avengers/Power 3

Notes: The Marvel Adventures comics (and their Marvel Age predecessors) tell all-age, lite-continuity tales set in a world very much like the Marvel Universe.

Scene from "The Guarded Thing" - Spider-Man Loves Mary-Jane 18 (2007)
The Mary-Jane comics define M.J., Peter Parker and company as young high schoolers living mild romantic adventures. In this story, Firestar and Spider-Man flirt by way of catching bad guys together -- including The Beetle. (Single panel, non-speaking appearance.)

"Where Flies the Beetle!" - Marvel Age Spider-Man 20 (March 2005)
Marvel Age Spider-Man presents simplified, modernized versions of Stan Lee/Steve Ditko classic. This retelling of Amazing Spider-Man 21 is in no way as lively as the original -- but at least in this version The Beetle gets to wear his second generation armor and actually seems to have a plan.

"Finding Zemo" - Marvel Adventures The Avengers 3 (2006)
"Masters of Evil" - Marvel Adventures The Avengers 4 (2006)
The unweildly title Marvel Adventures The Avengers features entertaining, relatively simple stories of a unique team: Captain America, Iron Man, the Hulk, Storm, Wolverine, Spider-Man and Giant-Woman (!) This two-partner presents a radically different version of Helmut Zemo's first encounter with Cap (as properly told in Captain America 168). Here, Helmut is Heinrich's grandson and wears the Baron Zemo costume from the start. He first attacks using Heinrich's weaponry. When that fails, he joins forces with The Abomination, The Leader and Ultron as the Masters of Evil.

"Conquered"Avengers and Power Pack Assemble! 3 -4 (2006)
In an variant that doesn't seem to coincide with Marvel Adventures or the MU proper, the youthful Power Pack arrive in New York, where they team up with various Avengers (and, inanely, their own future selves) to battle Kang. A couple of New Thunderbolts (Atlas and MACH-IV) can be spotted in the opening scene.

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