Thunderbolts: Spidey Super Stories
Splash from Spidey Super Stories 4
Cover of Spidey Super Stories 20

"Beat The Beetle?" - Spidey Super Stories 4 (January 1975)
"Ms. Marvel, Ms. Marvel!" - Spidey Super Stories 20 (April 1977)

Notes: A tie-in with the learn-to-read TV series The Electric Company, Spidey Super Stories presents short stories with simple dialogue, set in a somewhat loopy variation of the Marvel Universe.

In Beat The Beetle?, Abe steals a rare plant. Spider-Man tracks him down and, well, beats him. The text starts, "The Beetle can crawl on a wall...and fly through the sky! Can Spider-Man...beat the Beetle?" As critic Eric Engelhard responds: "Gee, I donít know. Can Spider-Man tie his shoelaces?" [Note: You can read Eric's hilarious entire review at]

Ms. Marvel, Ms. Marvel finds The Beetle abducting J. Jonah Jameson for ransom. His escape is interrupted by Spider-Man and Ms. Marvel, she of the super-powers and the bare belly.

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