Thunderbolts: Bullpen Bits

Bullpen Bits:
#39 (various Marvel comics dated April 2000)
#41 (various Marvel comics dated June 2000)
#56 (various Marvel comics dated May 2001)
"Paperboy Blues" (Giant Size Mini-Marvels 1, February 2002)
#62 (, May 2002)

Reader Rating: LOL

Summary: Adventures from an alternate universe where the Thunderbolts and other heroes look like characters from "Peanuts."

Comments: Chris Giarusso’s cartoons suffer occasionally from weak punchlines, but the funny-papers cartooning is a delight. "Paperboy Blues" is a full-length adventure with a great T-Bolts cameo. The rest were single-tier strips, most of which were reprinted in the Giant Size Mini-Marvels one-shot.

War and love, from Bullpen Bits #39 The Peanut-Bolts, from Giant Size Mini-Marvels

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