What If…Kurt Busiek Had Unmasked the Crimson Cowl

What If…Kurt Busiek Had Unmasked the Crimson Cowl?


In July 2002, Reverend Meteor, one of the regular posters at Comicboards.com’s Thunderbolts message board, exchanged e-mail messages with T-Bolts creator Kurt Busiek. 


Question: I'm a big fan of Thunderbolts and was curious about who you originally intended for the Crimson Cowl's secret identity?


Answer: We were going to do a Norman Osborn kind of revelation -- Osborn didn't appear in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN until after the Green Goblin, and was slowly built up as a major character before it was revealed.  My plan was that Alice Nugent, who had been an associate of Hank Pym's after his fall from grace, had been employing him in hopes of finding a way to give herself super-powers, and when he abruptly vanished to join the Avengers West Coast, she'd have sought out other ways.  We brought her into AVENGERS during "Ultron Unlimited," which was the beginnings of a thread that would have led to the revelation that her Cowl powers came from Ultron.


But she'd have been built up into a major character before the revelation -- as it is, we didn't get to any of that.


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