Thunderbolts: Avengers-Earth's Mightiest Heroes
Cap's Kooky Quartet by Kolins, from EMH 8

Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes 1 - 8 (2005)

Summary: The tumultuous first few months of The Avengers' history are recapped and updated, with a focus on personality conflicts and the political wrangling between Iron Man and an uncooperative U.S. government.

Continuity: Provides several scenes that add depth to Avengers adventures that are part of early Thunderbolts history:

1. The approval of the Avengers charter and an early cameo by Clint Barton ("The Coming of the Avengers", 1963/09/01)
2. The recovery of Captain America ("Captain America Joins...the Avengers", 1964/03/01)
3. The return of Heinrich Zemo and the debut of the Masters of Evil, including the Radioactive Man ("Masters of Evil", 1964/07/01)
5, 6, 7, 8. A previously unknown early meeting between Jarvis and Hawkeye, Cap's final showdown with Heinrich Zemo, and the formation of the new Avengers team ("The Old Order Changeth!", 1965/05/01).

Comments: Mildly interesting in its best moments, and frustratingly slow in its worst. The final chapters, especially, really drag out. The Scott Kolins art is a treat, though.

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