Thunderbolts: OHOTMU - Golden Age
Citizen V's mostly accurate history, from the Golden Age Official Handbook (2004)

Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe:
Golden Age 2004

Comments: For those obsessed with continuity, here are detailed histories of most of the major players -- and a few minor ones -- from the Timely Age of Comics. These are primarily characters who have jumped Ages: Having either been brought forward into the Age of Marvels, or retconned backwards into the Golden Age.

Several of the entries relate to the Thunderbolts, obliquely, through members of the V-Battalion. Significant entries include Captain America, Citizen V, The Destroyer, Jim Hammond the Human Torch, Nomad, the Silver Scorpion and the V-Battalion (with art clipped from Thunderbolts 40).

There is lots of good information here, but take it all with a grain of salt: Both the Citizen V and V-Battalion entries misidentify Dallas Riordan as the granddaughter of Paulette Brazee.

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