Thunderbolts: OHOTMU - Teams 2005
T-Bolts and friends, from OHOTMU-Teams 2005

Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe:
Teams 2005

Comments: Historic overviews of most of the significant teams, both heroic and villainous, important to MU history.

The two-page Thunderbolts spread is thorough and essentially accurate as of publication date. The only mistake I have spotted is the reference to "mutant machinesmith, Ogre." (As clearly indicated in his debut appearance, Ogre is not a mutant.)

The writers choose to interpret that Tony Stark is a member (for his brief impersonation of Cobalt Man) and that John Watkins III is not (for the time that his body served under Zemo's control). I understand the reasoning, but The Complete History will continue to disagree on Watkins.

Other entries with Thunderbolts links: All-Winners Squad (reference to the V-Battalion), Avengers, Lethal Legion (Erik as Power Man), Masters of Evil, New Warriors (Cardinal reference) and Sinister Six (Beetle).

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