Thunderbolts: OHOTMU - Women of Marvel 2005
Women of Thunderbolts, from OHOTMU-Women of Marvel 2005

Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe:
Women of Marvel 2005

Comments: Detailed histories of a selection of super-powered females -- including many who are important to MU history, and many who Marvel would like to make important.

Four Thunderbolts receive full entries: Jolt, Moonstone, Songbird and Vantage. The entry for Hellcat specifically mentions events from Thunderbolts 2000. Other T-Bolts relevant entries include The Enchantress and Silver Sable.

The information is mostly accurate as of the publication date. Note that Dallas Riordan's descriptive text correctly describes her as "the granddaughter of a founder of the covert V-Battalion," but her statistics incorrectly identify Paulette Brazee as her grandmother.

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