Thunderbolts: Avengers Roster Book
Title page from Marvel Vision #14

Marvel Vision #14 (February 1997)

Comments: When introducing the Thunderbolts, Marvel was faced with the problem of hyping the team while preserving the one thing that made them special. Like Baron Zemo telling Jolt about the team’s origin, this four-page article by Glenn Greenberg hides the secret while never overtly lying.

Kurt Busiek provides this quote: “…Several years ago, on a long car ride, I kept my mind occupied by imagining I’d been given [The Avengers] to write…One [idea] involved the slow replacement of the established, experienced members with new, untried heroes. Old members would be rotated out, and new members would be rotated in. I would explore what effect this would have on the team and on their world. These new members would maintain the same level of passion, but not the same level of experience and not the same approach.”

Tom Brevoort goes so far as to say: “…Readers will be treated to many surprises and twists along the way…Some of the T-Bolts may be characters that have already been seen before, under different names and costumes…Some of them will face very difficult career and life choices…”

Well, done, Kurt and Tom. Zemo would be proud.

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