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About the Site (Revised November 16, 2008)

Thunderbolts: The Complete History documents the Marvel Universe appearances of the T-Bolts, as a team and individually. As the team has grown, the site's original mission of documenting every single appearance of every single Thunderbolt has grown unworkable. The intent now is to create an internally consistent chronology -- if you read all of the stories listed here, you will know who the characters are and will understand all of their actions and references in Thunderbolts titles.

For a complete list of which characters are covered and to what extent, check the Who's Who page.

Adventures are summarized as story arcs and organized by the date (in YYYY/MM/DD format) on which the adventure occurred. Generally, stories are assumed to occur on the publication date of the first installment. Some stories are intentionally set in a time period other than the publication date, usually in the past as an "untold tale" (e.g. "First Flight", 1967/06/01).

Arcs are hyperlinked so that they can be walked through in sequential order, following the continuity of the team or of a specific character . A handful of pages focus on a particular event, rather than a story arc. These pages fill gaps in continuity, placing into the proper sequence events that are known only through flashback or inference (for example, "The Early Lives of the Thunderbolts", 1962/01/00).

The Table of Contents lists each comic book in which a story originally appeared, with a key to the T-Bolts who appear in the arc and a link to the story page. The TOC is separated into three eras: Criminal Career (1943-1997), Classic Thunderbolts (1997-2004), and New Thunderbolts and Beyond. Stories that span many years (like "Marvels") are listed on the Addenda page, along with non-continuity publications, magazine articles, online features and reprints. Selected tales from other universes (e.g. Marvel Adventures) and potential futures are listed on the Alternate Realities page.


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