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I see you made it...Now kick your shoes off and stay a spell!
Welcome to my Camaro page and thanks for stopping by!

These are jsut a few pictures of my old 1968 Camaro SS.

I have had this old car for about seven years now and I have had a lot of fun taking it to car shows and showing it off around town.

I will be adding more photo's from time to time so please drop by now and then.

If you have photo's of your car you would like to share with me, please send them to the email address at the bottom of the page.

Hope you like what ya see here and visit my site again sometime!

Doris & Gary Reynolds @ Mt. View, Arkansas.

Here's a few from one of the car show's...

Thees pictures were taken April 2000 at the White River Auto Show in Mt. View, Arkansas

Here is car car I used to own until I recently gave it to a friend of mine...




~Doc~ & ~DJ~

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