It was five o'clock in the afternoon
on a cold December day...
I was watch'n the news on channel five
and it hurt me what they had to say.

It seems in a land so far away a tragedy
has made the news...
An earthquake has taken so many lives
and spared so very few.

And if that's not enough to bare
the aftermath still brings more...
A Tidal wave of total destruction
along the Asian shores.

For days and days and even weeks
they continue to find the dead...
And they say this is just a beginning
for now it's disease they dread.

I sit and ponder and wonder why
but no answer comes to mind...
I recon it's just another step
In the destruction of all mankind.

"Poor Boy" 2005 dr_tigger@yahoo.com All rights reserved!
Gary Reynolds (AKA) dr_tigger
January 07, 2005

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