A Tribute To Rhonda Gould

I never knew you, but a friend of mine did
'Cause she talked about you all the time.
You were fortunate to have a friend like this,
and I'm sure proud to call her mine.

While on your journey I'm sure you'll find,
reservations for your friend...
There is no doubt here in my mind,
You will see her once again.

These thoughts I find in my cluttered brain
go out to your and yours...
Your free atlast from all the pain
that so bravely you endured.

And while you travel amoung the stars
to the heaven for which your bound,
The rest of us will be in sorrow
"Cause your passing made tears abound.

We know this life is just a stage
to rehearse what will come to be,
As the curtain is raised for the final play,
Gods angels will comfort thee.

Gary Reynolds (AKA) dr_tigger

"Poor Boy" 2004 dr_tigger@yahoo.com All rights reserved

November 13, 2004

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