"Baseball With Gilligan"

D'Skipper would be proud of me 
for the way I hit that ball...
But I don't think that Gilligan 
would have noticed me at all!
Mr. & Mrs. Howell would have 
showered me with gifts...
A pile of hundred dollar bills 
my spirits they could lift!

Ginger would have shouted too 
while jumping up and down...
She probably would have laughed at me 
she thinks I'm such a clown!
The Professor would have surely 
figured out my strategy...
He's so smart, I sure am glad 
he's playing on my team!

But nothing would have pleased me more 
than to look up in the stands...
And see the one that I adored
they called her Mary Ann!

"Poor Boy"2003 Gary Reynolds (AKA) dr_tigger! 
All rights reserved.
January 20, 2003

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