Sitt'n here chatt'n cross the internet, 
with a few good friends of mine...
All choked up with my vision blured, 
I was run'n out of things to say!

Then a message flashed across the screen, 
"Julia469...Wants to play!"

She said "I'm the Queen of cyber sex 
and I'll show you a real good time"...
"I take Visa, Discover & Mastercard 
but it won't cost you a dime!"

"This is just to verify that you're of legal age...
So we can have some cyber sex, 
once you get on my page."
"So click on my name and fill out the form, 
and turn on your webcam please,
I'm all oiled up wait'n doggie-style, 
so you can slide it in with ease!"

Well I've never seen such trash 
come across my screen before...
But try'n to be nice I just said "No Thanks" 
but I should have clicked Ignore!

Then one of my friends sent a message to me, 
"Doc are you ok?"
You see my friend don't know 'bout Julia 
or what she wants to play!

I had to be clever about this silence of mine, 
and think up a good excuse...
I said,"Yea I'm here everthing is fine, 
I was just sitt'n here hang'n loose."

Now I'm 'bout drunk and try'n to chat
with four or five friends of mine...
And the messages are flash'n across the screen 
three and four at a time!

One friend said,"Lets get together 
and have us a Bar-B-Q"...
So I said, "Ok you name the time, 
anything you want to do!"
Then a message came back from the Cyber Queen said,
"I just wanna do you!"

You see in all the confusion, 
message boxes filled my screen...
and by mistake I sent me a message, 
out to the "Cyber Queen!"

Now this friend of mine is still paging me, 
wants  to know if I'm alright,
While the "Cyber Queen"is paging me, 
says she can do it all night!

My friends want an explanation, 
the "Cyber Queen" wants sex...
I'm to drunk to try to explain,
so I just click disconnect!

"Poor Boy"2004  All rights reserved.
Gary Reynolds (AKA) dr_tigger
August 28, 2004

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