"Midnight Stroll"

The other night while the moon was full
I decided to take a little stroll...
Wasn't go'n far, just around the bend
'Cause it was late and I was gett'n pretty cold.

Now I wondered around for an hour or two
and ended way back up in the woods...
Where the owls and the crickets and all other critters
Made sounds that could be misunderstood!

Now don't get me wrong 'cause I ain't scared
'cause I can walk through the woods all night!
But suddenely the moon ducked behind a cloud
And took away all my light!

So here I am in the middle of the woods
In amoungst no tell'n what...
Then all at once something screamed
and I lit out of there like a shot!

Now here I am run'n for home
duck'n limbs and trip'n over logs...
Got mixed up and ran the wrong way
And was chased by some mean ole dogs!

Well I finally got lucky and gave 'em the slip
and was headed due right for home...
Then I stepped in a crack and broke my back
And I lay there cold and alone!

Now in the future if I go on moomlite stroll
I'm gonna give this idea a tug...
I'll call up this here friend of mine
and say "Lets go walk'n tonight... taterbug!"

Gary Reynolds (AKA) dr_tigger
"Poor Boy" 2004 dr_tigger@yahoo.com   All rights reserved
October 28, 2004

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