"Talking To Myself"

Gas is too high the old man said
and everything else is too.
I remember when a gallon was a quarter
and then he bit off a chew.

A plug of Blood Hound was fifteen cents
and a soda pop cost a nickle
Now it's all so high we just can't buy it
what the hell's wrong with you people?

The old man said It comes down to greed
that's why it's all outa sight!
Welfare checks have made folks lazy
then he light up his corn cob pipe.

He took a puff, then he spit and grin'd
said I used to be a farmer don't ya know.
Trapped coons on the creek in the winter time
and tracked rabbits in the new fallen snow.

I remember when we kept our flour
in a keg by the kitchen door.
We raised hogs for bacon and lard
'cause there were'nt no supermarket stores.

Now it all comes from a store where they claim
the prices are always low...
but I remember when times were hard
'Cause I'm ninety-seven years old!

Ain't never seen noth'n like it he said
in all my ninety-seven years...
And then he turned his head away
as his eyes filled up with tears.

I chopped cotton in the summertime
even though my feet was bare...
He said, I was near 'bout thirty-two
before I ever had shoes to wear!

Look'n back on the way life changed
I miss them good ole days...
Life was much more simple then
when everyone made their own way.

Welfare has made folks lazy
or so the old folks say...
I think some are just plain greedy
'cause prices go up ever day!

Then he looked up to say to me
as a tear rolled down his cheek...
I gave two dollars for a gallon of gas
at the Help Ur self just last week!

I went to war to keep us free
the old man said to me...
Now were all just prisoners it seems
of today's new economy.

We had an ole dog that liked to tree squirrels
And the cats kept down the mice...
We took our baths in a number three tub
In the living room floor ever night.

We brought in water from an ole pitcher pump
'neath a cottonwood tree out back...
Mama said son you'd better use soap
'cause the soles of your feet turned black!

The ole man rambled on and on
as he seemed to speak his mind...
It made me wonder how it would have been
to live back in his time.

I listened to the things he said
In great surprise to see...
That all at once I realized
The sad ole man ....was me!

"Poor Boy"2004 dr_tigger@yahoo.com  All rights reserved.
Gary Reynolds (AKA) dr_tigger

Submitted to "The American Poets Society"

August 06, 2004

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