"The Sign Out Front"

The sign out front said, "Come On In" 
So I looked at Joe and he gave me a grin.
"Ice Cold Beer & Welcome Friend"
So me and "Ole Joe" went stroll'n on in!

Now the light on the door had a bright red glow,
and I turned and looked at "Ole Buddy Joe"
I said, "Joe, what do ya recon they do in here?"
But I think my buddy reached the end of the line...
when she asked him for a $20 and it blew his mind!

He said,"Honey we just stopped by for a beer!"

"We'll just have it to go, if we can't have it here"
and that's when this big ole dude walked in!
He had big ole muscles kinda built like a truck...
And a tight t-shirt that was kinda torn up
So all them big ole muscles would show!

He had printed on his shirt "Security"
and looked like he really wanted to hurt sombody
so for a minute there I thought me and "Ole Joe" was dead!

But this chick was a friend of my buddy Joe
so she talked 'em into letting us both go
and me and "Ole Joe" ani't never go'n back again!

Now back at home 'neath an ole shade tree
me and "Ole Joe" have a beer or three.
We watch his old hound scratch off a few fleas...
while we make a few jokes and we slap our knee,
and talk about how it came to be... 
Joe named his old dog "Security!"

"Poor Boy"2004 dr_tigger@yahoo.com  All rights reserved
Gary Reynolds (AKA) dr_tigger
August 29, 2004

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