I stood on a mountain in the rain and the snow
Cars, Trains and Buses, people thick as fleas
As I looked on a town down below
Everyone's in a hurry, to get the things they need
I stood by a river and heard it rush by
And wondered just where did it go
Where did it start and where did it end
This is something I would sure like to know
I dreamed I stood on a busy city street
Where life was like a needle in a big hay stack
Like an Eagle my mind flew back to the river
And I don't think I'm ever comming back
My mind drifted off to a time long ago
When I was mearly a lad
And when I consider the things we know
Defined as progress but it sure makes me sad
Simpler times are what I seek
As I make my way up the mountain
Where the Bear and the Deer and I am still free
And our youth doesn't come from a fountain
Like the river rag'n within it's own banks
I'm free to go my own way
Each night before bed, I give the lord thanks
I'm here on this mountain to stay

"Poor Boy" 2004 dr_tigger@yahoo.com All rights reserved
August 06, 2004 - By:Gary Reynolds (AKA) dr_tigger

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