Please note I have never been to an American Gas Station, nor have I ever filled a car up



Gas Stations




Chapter Two




Raphael signaled and coasted over to the turning.  “What are we doing?”  Michaelangelo asked as he wiped the tears from his cheeks.

“I promised April we would fill the car up before we returned it.”  Raphael steered into the Gas station forecourt.

“Good, I could do with something to eat.”  Michaelangelo started to dig through his coat pockets for some change.  Raphael looked at the candy and burger wrappers strewn around Michaelangelo’s feet.  “Where do you put it all?”  He questioned raising an eyeridge.  They stopped next to a vacant pump; Raphael released his seat belt and clambered out.  Carefully choosing the right gasoline dispenser, he opened the gas tank cap and fed the nozzle in.  Michaelangelo opened his door slightly and watched the concentration play across Raphael’s face.  “I love the smell of gasoline.”  Michaelangelo announced taking a deep breath.

“Hmm.”  Raphael replied, keeping one eye on the counter.  “While your sitting there doin’ nothing, empty out that trash.”


Michaelangelo struggled out of the car, his arms laden with all kinds of confectionary and fast food wrappers.  He screwed everything up into a ball and proceeded to stuff it into a small plastic weighted trashcan.  He watched as several bits fell out and were carried away by the breeze.  “Well I tried.”  He shrugged to himself pushing his hands into his pockets; he walked back over to the car.  Raphael was busy trying to get the second rate gas pump to work properly, banging and kicking it hadn’t worked.  He was now close to threatening it.  The Monkees I’m a Believer came on the radio, this was all the encouragement Michaelangelo needed.  He started to jump around the forecourt in what could only be described as a drunken attempt at a rain dance.  Raphael looked up to notice that most of the forecourt’s occupants were starting to stare.  “Do you remember that Tee shirt we saw?”  Raphael turned to Michaelangelo.

“What Tee shirt?”  Michaelangelo asked not stopping.

“The one that said, I’m with Stoopid?  Well, I am giving serious thought to buying it.”

Michaelangelo halted half way through his arm waving.  “Who put worms in your mud pie?”  At that moment the pump failed to cut out and gasoline spilled all over the floor.  “Oh for the love of!”  Raphael ranted as he rammed the nozzle back into its holder.